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Happy Saturday all! I realise I've rarely posted lately, I've been a little busy working on a little project which I'm waiting until it's completed to share with you, but I I hope you all like and support me with it.
I was sorting through my computer this morning, deleting multiple photos which I no longer needed and sorting out all my blog photos into folders when I came across these photos, which I forgot I wanted to post a while ago, oops! 
During the hotter days this summer, although they seem to have been limited and pretty miserable ever since, I was loving wearing little makeup while attempting new makeup looks with different colours, focusing mainly on eye shadows. I've also been spending hours watching makeup tutorials lately, especially those with colour and I'm so excited to try some more, so if you're interested I'll be posting some more colourful looks soon! 
I honestly used very little makeup for this look, a little primer as a sort of base before adding a touch of foundation to areas I felt needed it and of course concealer to cover up blemishes and under my eyes. A few months back I purchased two palettes from makeup revolution and this Hot Smoked palette has seen little use in comparison to my Iconic 3, but I've always loved my smokey eye and I wanted to recreate something that was both smokey and summery…and I think this works well? I used the lighter grey (3rd in on the left) as a base colour over my eye lid, then applying the lighter matte purple (2nd in on the right) on the top of that to add the colour, to create the smokey look applying the darker grey (3rd in on the right) in the outer corner and the crease of my eyes. I tend to wear much more eye liner, which you can probably tell I used very littler, just using some on my lower lid to create a little depth but completing the look with mascara and I'm loving nude lipsticks at the moment so on this day I used mac please me lipstick. 
I'm excited to get the chance to keep practicing with my makeup & create different looks to share with you all, if you have any suggestions to try I'd love to hear them. 


  1. You have the best eyebrows ever - I love this look, very light, very pretty. You didn't say what lipstick it was though - its lovely- patisserie???



  2. Lovely makeup look, very light and summery! :)

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  3. Such a beautiful look, the eyeshadow and lipstick go so well together!


  4. Its true, your eyebrows are making me a little jealous

    I really like this look

    Holley Marie

  5. Wow you look absolutely gorgeous, not too much make up either so you can still see your pretty features xxx

  6. I love minimal summer looks, i like to look as fresh faced as possible through the hotter months and to be honest, if my skin wasn't in such an awful condition, i'd probably go make up free! But, thank the lord for primers and concealer <3
    You look so so beautiful in these shots! Hope you've had a lovely weekend
    The Life of Maisie ♡

  7. I'd love to try that mascara! I'm a massive fan of their pen eye liner :)

    Corinne x

  8. Gorgeous look! I'm still trying to get mascara on my bottom lashes!

    Would love if you check out my blog. Just followed you on twitter :)

    Raincouver Beauty

  9. You look so lovely! Love the mascara!


  10. I love this simple make up look. I've been wanting to try out something more subtle but without my eye liner flick I feel like my eyes look so tiny and I look so tired! Definitely going to have to try this out, hopefully it suits me!

  11. You're fit ;) I love this look! It's right girly!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  12. Sheslookingatthestars24 August 2014 at 17:40

    Such a pretty look! Really love the look of the mascara :)

    She's Looking at the Stars


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