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I did it again, I went shopping!

I've recently gained a part-time job, I've not yet been paid but erm I've possibly already spent the money earned…I call it a little celebratory treat! In my last post I mentioned how since purchasing those items I'd bought these few things & before writing this I've brought a few more pieces…though they were for an outfit for a party and a few things are going back. If this is the damage I can do with a part-time job, what would I be like in a full-time one, eek! 

I called the post a few essentials, when the only essentials was the calendar…(desk planner.) 
My diary's are the mid-year ones, purchased at the start of each academic year, my old trusty 2013/14 diary has been coming to an end recently, which excitingly for me means a new one. This time after watching Louise's (Sprinkle of Glitter's) recent stationary haul, I was desperate to pop into paperchase & the idea of a desk planner was something I wanted to consider, that or a filofax to look all professional. Being as I couldn't pick a filofax I'd never fall out of love with (like I tend to do with designs) I bought the desk planner, cute and simple design, enough space for jotting down notes & fits perfectly on the desk where I spend most of my time and only for £7. Also if you follow me on twitter you may have seen that I've recently discovered e.l.f cosmetics and fell in love but I was yet to make a purchase and was told to check out TK Maxx, which I didn't realise has some amazing beauty things. The e.l.f products were limited to a handful of similar palettes and the choices were between cool & warm edition, and as I'm loving the warmer tones, browns etc. at the moment I just had to pick this up for £3.99. The size disappointed me at first as the box was much larger than the product, but I've come to realise its a little compact palette with a mirror which I can pop in my bag to keep with me throughout the day. I've also seen recently the Rimmel Brow This Way, an apparent dupe for Benefits Gimme Brow. So obivously at £2.99 I need to give it a try, so far I'm impressed though I'm still trying to get used to using the brush. And finally I bought a new bag, only a small over the shoulder hand bag. I haven't owned one of this design before and well I just wanted another one so I had more options. 

As mentioned in my last haul post I want to review the beauty products in much more detail once I've used them all a little more. 
Do you own any of these products? Or are you thinking of purchasing any soon?



  1. I bought Rimmel's Brow This Way a few weeks back and I absolutely love it!

    hannah | labandwagon.blogspot.co.uk


  2. I really like the look of that elf palette! I'll have to check out TK Maxx next time I'm in town! Can't say I've seen anything elf in there in the past but their stock changes all the time!

    Sarah :)

    Saloca in

  3. A great lil haul, I love that desk planner. So cute :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  4. Lovely back pack! Looks so handy for day trips ect! I have just started using brow this way recently and I do like it but its also a bit hard to work with; that said you can hardly complain for the price!!



  5. I'm a sucker for a make up palette and that elf one looks incredible!
    Dani, fabulouslyindulgent.com

  6. That weekly desk pad looks like something I need!

    Summer x

  7. I need that planner so badly, and I love your bag it's gorgeous xxx

  8. Michelle Louise Pan3 May 2015 at 13:03

    This is essentially my favourite type of haul. A combination of stationary and beauty products gets me every time! I'm loving the weekly desk planner - I think I need one!

    Michelle Satchels & Pearls


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