Review; Benefit They're Real; [mascara & liner]


Benefit They're Real; Mascara & Liner Review

You may or may not of heard me mention on twitter that recently I gained a part time job. Something that won't last my lifetime but will keep me going, and with this part time job I've brought myself a few 'well done' treats, to me from me! 
Within the same week I finally signed up to Cohorted, [an online social shopping website]…these purchases were a week between each other but I wanted to write about them together. So if you haven't yet heard of Cohorted, I'd go have a nose right now!…Basically, every monday cohorted pop up 4 items which have been highly requested by us buyers, with a limit amount to be purchase if you want one of the items you click 'join cohort' and the more who join the lower the cost goes! Though when the items are popular do seem to be sold out by tuesday, also the price only goes to the max discount price that's set. When I first joined I was extremely confused as to how it worked but even after just two purchases I feel like an expert, so so simple (I promise). 
Benefit - They're Real Liner £14.80. (Originally £18.50)
I've been wishing for Benefit make-up for a while now, so when I spotted this and knew I could finally afford it, well I jumped at the chance and got myself a little present. With the they're real liner, I'm still getting to grips with it but the accuflex tip is meant to help to create an easier application…but to be perfectly honest I'm finding it a little difficult, I need a stronger tip to help application of liner. As I'm still getting used to this liner I haven't yet mastered the perfect winged effect, but with each time it's getting closer and closer and that's good enough for me. Something that worried me about purchasing this was the mention of how difficult this liner is to remove and I can't afford they're remover for £14…but honestly I've been using micellar water to remove my makeup and though I may have to rub a little longer than normal, I find it simple to remove. No scrubbing or sore eyes afterwards like I heard. And I'm sure the more I use, the more I'll fall in love…you may see it on my blog a lot in the near future.
Benefit - They're Real mascara £12.60 (Originally £19.50)

When the mascara was put online, I knew I couldn't resist. My favourite part of my makeup is my eyes, and for me mascara is a big part of my completed look. It's possibly the one product I buy the most of, just because I love the volume and length mascara adds to my lashes. So I purchased this pretty much straight away. I've been longing for this mascara for a few years now, never having the perfect time to spend almost £20 on one product, but with the price almost in half well again I couldn't resist. The tip is rounded off, so that it's easier to apply onto the corner lashes, something I find handy as mascara can be a little messy for me sometimes when trying to reach those areas. Before this arrived I actually panicked that I'd be let down by my own expectations and that the product wouldn't be as amazing as I'd hoped, but once I'd applied it I knew that I was crazy having that doubt.

The mascara leaves my lashes looking 2x long and so much fuller, I think it's safe to say I'm in love and this will be my go to product for a long time.
I've worn both of these products a few times now, gradually getting used to the liner like I knew I would. And the little flick in this photo, well I must say I'm very proud…for a girl who's hit and miss at applying a winged effect I think I did pretty well, I could definitely do with more practice but overall I can't wait to use this much more in the future. You can also see the effect of the mascara and how full and long it's made my lashes appear (and I'm sure this is from only one application). 
The mascara I've definitely fallen in love with and the liner isn't far behind, I know I'll be making sure these become part of my makeup bag and are used all the time.
Another thing I wanted to mention as part of this post was about my experience with Cohorted, I always worry when using a site for the first time. But knowing lots of other girls who use this I wasn't so nervous this time round, however for some reason in the time my first purchase should've been dispatched it wasn't and I actually received my second purchase first. So I popped onto twitter and asked Cohorted what was wrong? They quickly fixed my problem and sent off my purchase on that same day, they also added 200 points to my account with them. It's great to find a company who's so quick and easy to get in touch with and get your problems sorted straight away, so thanks for that Cohorted!?

I've been eyeing up the site since my sign up and already saving for the next products that I've had on my wish-list for a while, actually hoping a red mac lipstick will be going up soon *hint hint*. 
Are you signed up to Cohorted? And which products are you hoping for next? 


  1. I've never tried they're real liner but I love the mascara! However, recently I've noticed that it starts to rub off under my eyes and leaves rather horrendous looking black marks! I wonder what I'm doing wrong :(


  2. I quite like the They're Real Mascara but HATE the liner!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

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  3. WOW that eye make up look is gorgeous! I adore the mascara, but literally can't use the liner but I think it comes with practice as I have only recently mastered gel liners to be honest as a whole! I need to check out cohorted more xxx

  4. I love the mascara, im just not sure how i feel about the liner, i dont find myself ever reaching for it!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  5. Really pretty mascara. Looks like it didn't clump or make a mess lol. I hate when mascaras do that. The eye liner looks great as well ^.^.

  6. The first time I used this mascara I loved it then it ran out and I got a cheap one because it is pretty expensive! (and I'm not fussy when it comes to mascara - I don't really think price = quality in general for mascara) then I bought it again earlier this year and I just couldn't get on with it! I think though, and it's freaking me out but I've got like a second layer of lashes growing? Probably sounds really cool and useful but it's so annoying... they are stumpy and just FLICK OUT and "can't be tamed" like the others/Miley. I do wanna try this eyeliner... takes me back to 2007 trying to perfect a wing (gave up with that REALLY quickly) well done on perfecting it ;)


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