The Evolution of my Makeup.


Is it weird to admit I was staring at myself in the mirror?...well, I was and I was slightly inspired with this post, a look back on the evolution of my makeup. 
As I mentioned this inspiration came from staring at myself in the mirror, I must admit I do this a lot but this time I was impressed with how well I'd applied my makeup (little around of applause to me). And although most of my blog is beauty dedicated I actually don't consider myself a beauty blogger, or even worthy of knowing anything when it comes to beauty. I believe I can apply my own make up and that's it...ever need advice, best not turn to me. So here's a little look back at photos of me through the years, some very embarrassing but I'd risk it and share them anyway. 
2007-Im actually not too sure whether this was actually from 2007 but it was definitely while I was in high school, but these were the years were I bared all. I was rather well known in school for the girl who could pull off the no makeup, friends and other girls around school would always comment about my good skin and the fact I could get away with no makeup. This potentially was the most comforting thing while I was at school, as a very insecure and shy girl, this always left me with a smile on my face. 2008 - although the girls complimented me in school I still felt rather left out, when it came to the makeup department. So as a naive school girl, I went shopping and looking back definitely picked up the wrong products. Wearing the wrong colour foundation or just pressed powder...i can't really remember but equally embarrassed to admit, and a big thick line of pencil liner of my lower lash line with a hint of mascara which I probably applied terribly. I mean, urgh look at that liner, how thick!? 
2009- Oh I remember this day well, and my obsession with this makeup look. This was my final day of high school, very excited to be leaving school and starting fresh at a brand new college. But this was my year of blue eye liner, I'm actually not too sure how this became into my possession, but for months this was how I looked. Looking back, I do quiet like how my makeup looks here, blue liner on my upper lash line, black on my lower and a touch of mascara...There's a good chance here that I'm not wearing much else on my face, though I can't quiet remember. 
2010 - looking at this photo, I'm actually missing how my hair looks. Look how full and long it looks, ah but so simple. But as you can tell my makeup died down a little, I'm not too sure what made me do this, it was probably down to being lazy...which admit happens from time to time, especially with makeup. But this simple look, is just black pencil liner on the lower and inner upper lash line, which I used almost daily even now as it adds much more definition to my face, well my eyes. I really do like this makeup look though it's rare I reacted this look anymore. 
2011- Another simple look, only this time I upgrading from pencil liner to using pen. It's not until seeing this photo I realised how I've only been wearing liquid for a few years, this must of been a good makeup day and I still to this day struggle with the perfect winged liner. I've gradually began wearing more foundation on my face, though this was definitely the only product, as I was yet to learn about highlighter, blush and bronzer. This makeup look is actually something I realised I wore almost permanently until recently. 2014- And then theres now! You'd think with all the photos I take for my blog and how I love a good selfie…I didn't have a decent one for this post, so just before heading out a few days ago I took this quick snap. Safe to say it's completely transformed? I now like to add eyeshadow (I'm lovely smokey eyes right now) and a little winged liner of course. Throughout the years my mascara has been my favourite makeup product and to this day it's still like an obsession!? I'm also obsessing over lipsticks as of late, and as we're getting out of summer it's time to welcome my dark collection back, goodbye peachy and pink and hello deep reds and plums. 

I'm actually getting I don't have a picture of other makeup phases, I remember vividly the months in which my 'smokey eye' was a think line of grey pencil on my upper lid, a look I absolutely adored. This was possibly between 2010-2011, as I'm sure it's something I stopped wearing once I lost my trusty pencil. But there's my progression and the life lessons I've learnt along the way when it comes to application and products. It's a great feeling to look back at these, remember those makeup moments, my life at the time, have a little giggle and realise how much I've changed and grown as a person. It's also odd to believe that some of these photos are 7 years old. 
I honestly think I'd still be in my liquid liner phase if it wasn't for blogging, talking to so many girls who have so much interest in makeup has helped and meant a growth in my makeup collection but some serious damage to my bank balance.


  1. Love this! I have some selfies from when I used my iMac, but since switching to my MacBook I've stopped... I wish I didn't though, because I would have something to look back like you! ;) xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  2. I used to have really black grungey eye make up and barbie pink blusher which didn't suit me at all haha!! Also used to pluck all my eye brows off and draw them on! Gross!!


  3. Love this post, I love seeing how peoples make up has changed. I adore how you do your eye make up now, it suits you so much :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  4. Love this post - such a good idea! I wish I had more photos of my (terrible) make up from when i was younger so I could do the same kind of thing. Your eye make up now is gorgeous - you've definitely mastered the flick!

    Beth x

  5. India Benjamin3 May 2015 at 13:03

    I've had a very similar evolution haha, except I still prefer minimal makeup on my eyes now so it's more about highlighting and eyebrows :) I definitely went through the thick bottom eyeliner stage!
    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  6. What a cool post!!!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  7. I love seeing how your make up has evolved you have always looked beautiful but I do prefer now ;) I think we all do! I used to do that thick eyeliner underneath my eyes, goddddd :( wah to past memories haha xxx


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