#100HappyDays - Days 41-50.


Another 100 Happy Days posts and as always a little late. Slowly but surely I'm getting through this project, half way through as of this post. This has taken little over a month to get this written up, as I've been busy with so many different things…and I've had no chance to properly sit and write. 

//forty-one// Quick little selfie before a busy day ahead. I'd combined two patterned clothing which, I did purely for wearing the dress & the cardigan for comfort but I actually kind of like it. I bought the dress months ago and I'm yet to wear it out the house…but this day I was having a makeup free day, embraced the bed head and did the final few things before opening my online store, little love. 

//forty-two// Throwback Tuesday (or thursday) was dedicated to this baby faced photo of me and Tom (the boyfriend). This was only from a few years ago, but it's crazy to think how little we knew each other back then and how much we've (well more me) changed since my 19th birthday. It's also crazy to think that in a few months time we'll be celebrating our 22nd birthday's together. 

//forty-three// That online store I mentioned, little love, well this photo was my advertising on the day I kind of made everything live. Selling items of handmade costume jewellery and tie-dye tshirts, both things I've enjoyed creating over the last few years and I've finally bit the bullet to sell them to others. You can read all about the shop, here, and see the shop, here.  

//forty-four// good hair and makeup days are just, perfect! But this was also a wednesday spent with Tom and they always make me happy. I always love our date days…though as we're both busy lately we haven't spent a wednesday together possible since this date, ow! 

//forty-five// (although not in the photo…) 45 involved a throwback post to a little video clip to last October when I saw 30 seconds to mars in Birmingham, not even kidding it was one of my favourite nights. With my best friend, around so many other fans watching the beauty of Jared Leto, the rest of 30 seconds to mars and the You me at six boys too, so so perfect! You can watch my instavideo, here.

//forty-six// Has anyone ever tried sharing a single bed with someone else?…That's easier to do than share with this sleepy thing. My dog looks adorable in his sleeping state, especially when sleeping in my bed but the boy doesn't budge over. Finds himself asleep in the middle of my bed, meaning I can have a pretty sleepless night sometimes. But he's so cute I can't resist. 

//forty-seven// Tom has recently started a college course, something he's been looking into for a few years now. Last month was his enrolment day, with the college he now attend being my old college I jumped at the chance to go back and see everything old and new. While it was still warm at this point, I was treated to an ice drink from the new Starbucks, which apparently is his favourite part of the college! 

//forty-eight// I'm beginning to become a little piercing obsessed, in the last two years once I've saved enough money and fallen in love with my next piercing, I've gone and had something done…while at the moment my piercings are in my ears & my nose, I still get exciting at the thought of my next one. I went with my cousin who was visiting us from Cornwall, and with the shop in town having an offer on that day, well I couldn't say no and said hello to my daith heart! It's still in it's healing process but it didn't and doesn't hurt, which is always a bonus for me!…but now, what's next any suggestions? 

//forty-nine// It was papa smurph's birthday at the beginning of September, and on the day I came across this photo of myself, him and my younger brother. One of my favourite photos of the three of us, and pretty hilarious of me and brother smurph I must admit! We had a lovely day spent together, brother smurph, myself and Tom made my dad a sponge cake and we tucked into takeaways with Tom, my family and grandparents included, so nice! 

//fifty// The half way mark of this project, yipee! On day 50 I was having a lazy day, but of course I felt  creative, so I dug out all my paints, pens and everything else I own for these kinds of days and started working on my wreck this journal. My head fills with ideas yet I never have the items to complete them! I wanted to finish this within a year, with 3 months left until my year is up and it's nowhere near completed! 

I'm past the half way mark of this project, and it's nice to be able to look back at photos and have these little snippets of memories behind them and the reasons I felt the way I did in that time/moment. 
Have you done this challenge? Are you thinking about starting it…because I think you should! 


  1. I tried doing 100HappyDays but I got to about day 8 and kept forgetting so I gave up :( maybe I'll try again!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  2. I love your happy days journaling and also love the outfit you were wearing in the photo on the bottom right! I've always loved empire waist dresses and that dress is lovely. I also love the colour of the cardigan you styled with it.


  3. lovely photo's :) I really want to try a wreck this journal! x

    I've got a giveaway over on my blog if you want to check it out :)


  4. STONE FOX INC.3 May 2015 at 13:03

    Lovely pictures, well done for keeping it up - I don't think I made it past 12 days!



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