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Treatments between £15-£45.*

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Laura to be involved in reviewing the new HC LuxSpa in Selfridges, Birmingham..this meant my poorly treated nails were given a little pampering, and I've mentally been writing this post since the moment I arrived. Now I must admit my nails are my best feature, I'm a nail biter and can't keep varnish on them for more than a few days and recently starting a bar job means my hands and nails have been in terrible condition and haven't been looked everything for a while. So this gave me the perfect opportunity to have a little treatment, try and stop my bad habits and hopefully help them become healthy (I'll try and keep you posted).
I was first arranged to have my nails done a few weeks ago but fell ill, thankfully Laura and the girls were more than understanding and allowed me to rearrange my appointment, so thanks girls! Thankfully by this week I was feeling much better and available…and conveniently the day before my graduation, so what better time to go and pamper than before an exciting event.
Once I'd arrived and the treatment started I was told I was going to being given a variety of all treatment, I'd also chosen to have gel nails as I'd not had them done before, I then chose the colour FAB, a plum, deep red colour…perfect for the coming autumn/winter weather.

As I said my nails haven't always been the feature I concentrate on, I wasn't too sure how healthy or damaged they were…turns out they weren't too bad! Although they weren't the worst they could be the girl, Lauren who did my nails, started with moisturising my hands and tidying up my nails before any treatments started. She first started with the Salt of the Earth AROMASALTS, mixed with some warm water was to help my nails. She then began the IBX treatment, which was explained to me is to help strengthen my nails and heal them, which I felt they needed. This took around 10 minutes with a few coats of both pots. Before moving on for a little massage with the Salt of the Earth Creamy scrub & Body creme, which all smelt amazing and was sending me into a relaxed sleep. I was also told they were the only spa in the UK to use these products, which made me feel special and also more desperate for it to become more available so I could get my hands on them. Honestly the scent was amazing, somehow reminded more of a familiar scent and I spent 45 minutes having flashbacks of my life a few years ago.

Once all my treatments were finished my manicure was almost over and it was time for my colour to be put on, as I mentioned I chose the colour FAB, this and the gel nail polishes were all part of Artistic collection, and the colour range was amazing, I was spoilt for choice. I've now had my varnish on for a few days now, going strong for a nail picker/biter like me, however should stay on my nails for 2-3 weeks. My hands still feeling amazingly soft after the treatments and massage, and I'm still in love with the Salt of the Earth salts, scrub and cremes I just want them in my own beauty collection to use on a daily basis. Overall I'm extremely impressed with whats on offer for such a small section of Selfridges.

If at any point you fancy a little nail treatment and manicure, you can find the girls at HC LuxSpa on the third floor of Selfridges Birmingham, as part of the beauty hall. Which you can pop by and get an appointment sorted for the exact same day. With so many colours to choose from, a variety of manicures and different nail treatments available for everyone. I'm in love with what Lauren did with my nails, super impressed with the time and effort that went into getting my nails done and getting to know more about treatments and how they help my nails. 

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