#100HappyDays 51-60.


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I'm finally almost caught up with my #100HappyDays posts, well I say almost caught up, it's still well over a month behind...but I have my excuses, kind of! I've not been posting too regularly and I've been busy with things here and there, so hopefully in the next few days I'll post days 61-70...because that's how far I've got over on my instagram, here. 

//fifty-one// My favourite cake right now? Is red velvet cake and I'd been having a serious craving for a few days, so when I finally got round to eating one, well of course I was happy! 

//fifty-two// After 3 tough years, a few too many re-sits...finally my results came through for university and I got the results that I'd be graduating, and last week I did just that (post here).

//fifty-three// A friends 21st birthday party, always means lots of photos...this was my first Saturday night out in a while, so of course I made some effort to look nice which for me always means photos! And well I felt cute too! 

//fifty-four// Another mirrored photo, oops, I'm getting vain these happy days. With us now officially in the autumnal season, the makeup and clothing obviously comes out too! To me this means adding thick tights and jumpers to dresses and dark lipsticks, oh and I dug out my wooly hat...fully embracing my 'goth' side, as most people say to me! 

//fifty-five// A few years back I had a slightly obsession with moustaches...now I'm not sure why but they entertained me, and all my family and friends knew about it. And last christmas my little cousin used her own pocket money to treat me to this hilarious moustache glass, I was so in love and still use it all the time, so good choice baby cos. 

//fifty-six// I know I've mentioned this so many times but since getting my new job I'm either sleeping during the day or staying as comfortable as possible until I start work. And this day I did just that, it had been a busy week so staying in my pj's was a good option! 

//fifty-seven// My friend (in the photo with me) recently started out at my old university and a few weeks ago was the start of freshers week, with me knowing the campus and her not knowing anyone just yet I went with her to the first freshers night to meet up with my old friends, while she made new ones...the freshers events at my old university aren't always amazing but for a small university and a tiny bar, who can say anything else!

//fifty-eight// Quotes always help people don't they, either make you realise things about your life or even help you realise your not alone, I love a good quote, especially when they leave me feeling comfort. This just made so much sense to me about my life and how I live it...has it made an impact that means I'm making a change, not exactly but it's helping slightly anyway!

//fifty-nine// I'm well known in my family for being the girl that doesn't do affection, I mean your lucky if I show you any...sometimes I bond with people and it's easy and other times it's difficult...with my mom I've always been the same, I've always struggled to show her affection...I'll admit I do love her but for some reason won't always show it and this picture of me on my first day of school proves that.

//sixty// Always easily fall head over heels for animals? Well that's me, my aunty works for the police as part of breeding and training police dogs. And a few weekends ago now, a mix up happened leaving this cute little puppy without his family, so my aunty brought him home for a few days...which meant a few hours at hers playing, getting cuddles and even taking him on his first official walk where he got a little too tired and was carried the rest of the way home. Aw I miss his little face already.


  1. Love these posts! I've just completely wiped and restarted my blog, I'd love for some feedback on my newest post if you have time?

    Chloe // chloexlogan.blogspot.co.uk x

  2. I've actually never had red velvet cake before but it looks amazinggggg, and the moustache glass is awesome haha!! xx

  3. love the moustache cup!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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