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Sundays on my blog are now going to be known for my lifestyle posts, dedicated to catching you up with all things 'sarah'...So yet another 100 Happy Days, these feel like they've been going on forever!? 

//sixty-one// Back at the beginning of October I attended the launch of the christmas range at Lush in Solihull and ever since I've been in love, but I've posted so many posts about it since (so I won't bore you with that). Though I'm already in need of picking up more products and hopefully more from the christmas range. 

//sixty-two// Almost a month ago now I took the plunge to decorate my bedroom (post, here), which meant my photo wall was being stripped down. Over the years I've collected so many of my favourite photos and stuck them across my bedroom, the biggest talking piece when in my bedroom was friends finding themselves of the photos, then we sat around reminiscing about the crazy things we got up too. Now photos are taken down but safely put away from the times I need to look back.

//sixty-three// After a much needed shopping trip for graduation clothing & bedroom accessories, on the walk home from the bus stop I was a little distracted by the look of the sunset...seriously nothing gets me mesmerised more than what I see in front of me when it comes to the sky and when it's something beautiful I can't help but take a picture. 

//sixty-four// I GRADUATED! I wrote all about it in a post, here...but I'm actually so proud of my self. I struggled so much with the three years but it was so nice to finally be able to forget the stress of  education and it finally be done with! 

//sixty-five// A few weeks ago, after a months of waiting myself and my friend Ellie went to see Disney on Ice. As part of my 21st birthday present I've been waiting for this since March. 100 years of Disney magic and honestly was so much fun...for two 21 year old girls we definitely don't act that way, we were possibly more excited than half the children. 

//sixty-six// As a gradation present my younger brother treated me to a Marc Jacobs gift set, after months of telling everyone how much I wanted the new Daisy Dream and everyone knowing my obsession with these scents over the last year, my brother surprised me with this gift and I'm so in love, I haven't stopped using this since! 

//sixty-seven// A little throwback post to halloween 2 years ago. While searching for outfit ideas for work this halloween I started looking back at photos, that year was so much fun and I actually missed having a fun night out for halloween instead of being out with my friends. 

//sixty-eight// a good makeup day always results in selfies, and that's all. 

//sixty nine// The day before halloween after stressing about what to wear and being a night at work, I spent the evening with Ellie and her mom making cupcakes and decorating them. 

//seventy// Around the same few days of halloween, a day with my boyfriend started with a little shopping for halloween makeup but instead ended with us hunting down the last few pumpkins and having an afternoon of carving...something he hasn't done before and well I hadn't since I was little. Sad to say I enjoyed myself more than I should and I love the little things. 


  1. Ahhh I totally miss when my bedroom was covered in photos, I did it at home and pretty much wrecked the walls haha now I am rented I will have to make a framed collage or something xxx

  2. I'm already starting to miss my photos! And I'm tempted with a framed collage too, would look so grown up too!

    sarah xo


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