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Current Favourites; 

Ah well hasn't it been a while since I've done a favourites post, but since the end of October and the last two week since, everyones been sharing there Monthly favourites and while I don't always feel the need to share this post, I was slightly inspired, especially since knowing I have a number of new and old favourites. Since it's almost three weeks into November now, I just don't feel right naming this 'October Favourites' so heres my current favourites instead. Obviously most are beauty products but a few other pieces managed to sneak in while I was preparing this post.  

Snow Fairy; Did you read my Lush Christmas launch post (here), well you'll know that this is the first time I've purchased products from Lush around christmas time and the product I fell in love at first sight with was Snow Fairy. Being bright pink it doesn't really shout 'christmas' but the smell, well it kind of does, such a sweet scent and I love sweet scents! I haven't stopped using it since. 

Daisy Dream; Another thing I haven't shut up about this month has been my graduation, I'm proud of myself okay? Well as a well done, my little (19 year old) brother went shopping and surprised me with Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, I honestly almost cried...but being me played it cool! I've been in love with these since the release and because I never shut up about it, he went and got it me...obviously I worn it on the day of my graduation and been wearing it almost every day since! 

Where Rainbows End; Ahhh, have you seen the trailers for the film Love, Rosie!? Well, turns out I'd been ignoring  the trailers for a while until I realised it was based around this book! Last summer, I found this book in a charity shop, picking it up for less than £2 and I didn't put it down until the last page...I fell in love. A story of best friends, and their relationship from childhood to adulthood, I adored it so much, and I can't wait to reread it now the films out and watch the film too! 

Apple Cinnamon Candle; My latest obsession has become candles, it's probably the fact were entering the colder months and I always like the smell of a good autumnal/christmas candle. I got this candle from Home Bargains for only £2.99...I brought one last year and again this year, a long lasting candle, smells amazing and an incredible size for the price! I definitely recommend...oh and they have so many others to choose from too! 

Nanshy (Blending Brush); Not long ago now I was sent this Nanshy brush and reviewed it (here) and I've kind of been in love ever since...Almost every other post of mine I talk about wanting to get more experimental with my eyeshadow and for ages I was on the want for the perfect blending brush and this is exactly what I needed, and it's helping me get better and better with my eyeshadows, so much so I want to share some of my latest looks on my blog soon! 

Crown Brush (BK 15 Chisel Fluff); I went to the FabbEvent last weekend (here), and as part of my goodie bag was given this beautiful little brush! A little larger than the blending brush and the brush hair are a little shorter, I find this brush is perfect for adding a deeper colour within my crease and I haven't stopped using it since last weekend! 

MeMeMe Arch Angel; Again, another product from the Fabb Event, MeMeMe were ever so kind to give us all huge goodie bag filled with products from their new range...all my products will be up as a review in the next few days, until then...out of all the products given to me, this has so far been my most used. Arch angel comes with two ends, a highlighter cream and the brow gel...simply highlight under the brow bone and then apply the gel to my brows.

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked; I have a review coming to my blog in a few days all about this palette...but near the end of the month I purchased this to use for my graduation, and I've not stopped using it since!? I'm in love with the colours, creating great combinations and perfect for this month and the next few to come!

I'm in love with all these products and can't wait to continue using them, possibly until they run out! 


  1. That candle sounds amazing! x

  2. I purchased that candle last year and it's still going strong! I love the Home Bargains candles probablya little too much. Ugh and yes that Crown brush we got is amazing!! I am loving it for blending out eyeliner under my lower lash line.

    Great post bunny!

    Love Francesca xo |

  3. I want to buy that Makeup Revolution palette, the colors are so gorgeous!

  4. I can't even imagine how this candle smell great. I love scent of the apple and cinnamon. Also the Revlon palette looks very gorgeous, I love the nude shades.

  5. I love Snow fairy - I was obsessed with it last year, I can't actually believe I haven't picked any up yet! this needs to change soon!




  6. Great post - that candles sounds like it smell gorgeous and what a great price!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  7. Sammy-Jo Richards19 November 2014 at 20:12

    That is so cute that your brother bought you the Marc Jacob's perfume! I'm hoping i get it for christmas! if i dont i will be going straight out to buy it myself! haha.
    i also didn't know the film was based on a book,I want to read the book before watching the film now! :P

  8. That candle sounds amazing, defiantly need to get into Home Bargains and try them out :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  9. I love all these, especially the colours in that Revolution palette! Also love a good Christmas smelling candle x

    tmzn loves / beauty blog

  10. I read the book 6 years ago but only found out about the film last week! I don't think it is showing in many cinemas anymore though :( Have you read Me Before You? That is being made into a film!

    I will look out for the candle next time I'm there. Xx

  11. UGH Autumn/Winter favourites have to be the best, just cos I love colder weather products. I want daisy sooooo bad and need a snow fair repurchase xxx

  12. CutieandherBeauty25 November 2014 at 01:43

    Daisy dream smells amazing!!I've never been a candle girl though hahaha

  13. I love Yankee Candles Cinnamon candle its amazing! The Mememe product sounds lovely x
    Emma |


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