Lush Christmas Range; review.


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Lush Christmas Range Review. 

I decided weeks ago, I'd make my lush christmas range products a weekly review, each product getting it's own post and full review...then I decided to schedule my blog (so posts with be publish every, monday, wednesday, friday and sunday), with only a few weeks left of November and I've already scheduled posts for each of these days and I'm taking part in the Big Blogmas Project blog has in a certain order, so today it's a full review of each product, popped into one big blog post, so apologies for all the photos.
(A few weeks ago I went to the launch of the Christmas range, which you can read about, here.)
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Baked Alaska Soap - £3.25
When I first saw the soaps in the shop, I don't know I wasn't overly bothered, I could cope without...but if it wasn't for the fact it was the first thing I was shown in this event I probably wouldn't of brought any. And I'm so glad I was shown the soaps, I wasn't sure when I could use it, being as my parents still buy the soaps for the bathroom, but I've popped this next to theirs and I think I'm the only one who uses it, but it just smells so good! Normally a citrus smell doesn't remind me of christmas, and honestly I don't think was does now but it smells gorgeous, a beautiful fruity smell leaving my hands smelling and feeling fresh after I've used it.  I'll be so upset when I use it all up. 
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Reindeer Rock Soap - £3.10
As I said I was shown the soaps first, and while Baked Alaska was my first I picked up...Reindeer Rock was a quick second. While everyone else seemed to love the other soaps, I wasn't too keen. I'm a girl of fruity smells and this was another, and as I said Baked Alaska doesn't remind me of christmas, the fruity smell of blackcurrant does just the trick. At the moment I'm using the other soap, but I know this one will be taking place in the bathroom soon...a smell I know my whole family will love to use. Theres something about blackcurrant that I like in this, I'm not always too keen as a product, but with this one memories of my childhood come flooding to me...the early mornings of primark school, when my nan would take me, my brother & aunty to school but before we'd drink so much ribena, aw. 
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Snow Fairy Shower Gel - £7.50
I know understand everyones love for snow fairy, as with every Lush post I've made this year...this is the first year I've used their products, the first time I've got to experience Lush and with the christmas range, I could never see the excitement but now it's possibly all I've spoken about. I've used snow fairy in every shower since, again a little citrus-ey, such a sweet smell but so perfect for this time of year. Although it's a little glittery and shimmery, it doesn't appear on the skin (which I'm not a fan of anyway). And the smell is definitely lasting, it's nice to get a quick whiff of yourself and smell something so sweet. 
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Hot Toddy Shower Gel - £3.95* 
I recieved hot toddy as part of my goody bag after this event, and while the smell is a perfect smell for christmas, it's just not something I love...I think as a christmas candle, I'd be burning it all day long, but for the smell as part of my shower it's just a little too spicy for me! As I said, the perfect resemblance of christmas in a shower gel and if you love the spicy, ginger/cinnamon smells this time of year it's the shower gel of your choice!...maybe I need to step out of my comfort zone, forget I own the citrus smells of snow fairy and use this a little more...maybe more in December when my body tingles with christmas spirit and I want to have the smell to keep me cheerful too! 
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Father Christmas Bath Bomb - £3.50* The Christmas Penguin - £3.25*
This seems to be the appropriate time to admit, I haven't used either of my bath bombs I can't really review them. I was hoping I'd had to chance to use a friends/boyfriends bath to use these...but I've been too busy to get the chance to and while I sound so gross to say I need to use someone elses house to bathe, my bathroom has a shower and no bath, I don't get to experience the magic of bath bombs...and yes that really upsets me, much more than it should! But I recieved these again as part of the goody bag and I'm hoping I can find the time to use them soon! 
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Santa Baby Lip Tint - £5.95*
I adore red lips, and once I stopped this I couldn't keep my eyes off it!...the price put me off slightly, because at the time I couldn't justify half the spends of this lush haul, but erm yeah I have no real excuse. So I was grateful when I spotted this in my goody bag, and I've been using it on occasion ever since...I think I'm going to try and get more use out of this closer to christmas, or that's my plan anyway! I do love this little product, so tiny and fits ever so well into a makeup or handbag. It also means you can forget taking a lipstick round and use this instead...because it's a lip tint, not much smudges appear and the lasting power is a few hours, which is awesome for us lazy people! But it's a little difficult to apply, which is a little off putting! 
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Reindeer Knot Wrap - £4.25
My final purchase was abit of a whim, I spotted this as soon as I walked in the store and really wanted it! For no reason, I had no idea what I could use it for, but the colours and the images were something I knew I needed to own. I'm still not sure how to use it, but I think I'm going to attempt head wraps soon...anyone know how to do it, that'll be great!? But for now, I've tied it to my handbag and it works well to create a little christmas image of my everyday wear without being too obvious that it's christmas related! 

I'm in love with every product I have, though some still need some getting used to I'm so happy I have it all as part of my collection...I mean with most I've already though of repurchasing or even popping on my christmas list! 


  1. love the post! Lush's Christmas range is one of the best things about November, and I can't wait to try this year's new products. The Reindeer knot wrap is so cute, but I think I'll definitely be repurchasing snow fairy this year. It's my absolute favourite scent!

    Emma Alyson x

  2. I love that knot wrap! So need to get my hands on one x

  3. Hot Toddy is my absolute favourite, I much prefer it over Snow Angel! I'm with you, I can take or leave the soaps but the idea that it smells like blackcurrant is lovely!

    Sammy xo.

  4. I loove the knot wrap, I was very tempted by it when I was in store the other day, I also really like the reindeer rock soap, it's sweet but not as sickly as snow fairy in my opinion!

  5. I've wanted to try Snow Fairy for years now but never seem to buy it! Definitely need to change that this year.

  6. The reindeer soap is SO pretty but then so is the one above, I'll be honest I have never bought any but seeing as I have such a ball ache with not being able to buy bath bombs without a bath I will definitely give some soaps a go now. I am getting snow fairy ASAP again as it's a fav and want to try hot toddy too eeeeek you're making me wanna spend money man!! XXX

  7. So glad you like Hot Toddy - it's my favourite shower gel ever!! I need to stock up on it before Lush Christmas ends! xxx

  8. The range looks amazing, I've never actually tried soap from lush, but they look amazing!

    Eden x // edenroses // enter my giveaway!

  9. Lots and lots of treats! I adore the deer knot though, so cute :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty


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