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MAC; Flat Out Fabulous

Flat Out Fabulous - £15.50

I'm sure you can all agree that sometimes you just pick up products for the sake of having them?...I mean, come on, I can't be alone here! Well, I don't tend to do this often when it comes to the high end brands, normally I justify the high street brands much easier.Not long ago I wrote about Russian Red, here. Obviously the colours are completely different, while Russian red was a purchase for my graduation, this was my 'treat'. A to me, from me, kind of purchase, a well done for lasting out my 3 years at university and I still don't feel guilty for the purchase, I deserved it!...Yep, okay I do feel a little guilty, but totally justifiable!

When doing my final blog review research before clicking buy, I was worried I wasn't going to love the colour when it arrived or if it would be too drying like a few people had said. While I'm still struggling to find the reason to wear this everyday, this bright pink, purple toned lipstick is perfect for the days I'm feeling adventurous. I kind of make this the main feature of my makeup when wearing this, which means minimal on the eyes or some times (a large) amount of eyeliner, winged as best as I can. I know not everyone can combine a face of makeup with both an eyeshadow and bold lip combo and I know I'm one of those people, so keeping it simple with such a bold colour like this works well for me.

I'm in love with this colour and so glad I added such a bold one to my collection, the colours lasting power is strong and stays on my lips for more than a few hours, and although others have complained of how drying it can be and while it's drying in comparison to other mattes I've used, it's not completely drying that my lips feel attacked or that I don't want to use the product again. Ekk, actually writing this review has got me excited to wear this little thing maybe for work over the next few days. 


  1. I love this colour! I've been thinking about buying Candy Yum Yum but I think it might be a bit much, but this looks like it's a slightly subtler version so maybe I'll try this instead. Thanks for the inspiration :) xx

  2. I love this shade, my flatmate has it and she very kindly let's me borrow it from time to time. I was pleasantly surprised with the finish as I heard that the Retro Mattes were even more drying than the original Mattes can be but it's actually not that bad! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. Those lips though <3

    I love this colour :) it really suits you as well!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  4. I am in love with this shade, good choice!

    Love, Summer.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous shade <3 It's totally different to what I would usually choose, now I've seen it on I would consider giving something like this a go- but maybe bright red hair gone ;) xxx

  6. It looks like such a beautiful shade!


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