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 Makeup; Definition

 Definition (fair) - £4.99

Last week I was in the middle of tormenting myself in superdrug, I convinced myself I was allowed to treat myself to a couple of things...every so often I find myself eyeing up the Sleek section, wanting to purchase everything that everyone else seems to be in love with, sadly the store had no testers and I couldn't get inside any of the boxes to look at the colours. But once I spotted I heart makeup, selling something practically identical and for half the price I popped it in my basket and walked straight to the check out.

The fair palette comes with bronzer, blush and highlighter...a product I've been trying to teach myself to use for ages now! This handy little product means that I can get used to this makeup technique and it hasn't broken the bank if I don't get the hang of it. Although so far, so good! The bronzer isn't always my best friend and I'm worried about using too much blush incase I look like a clown, I'm still attempting this product, but the highlight well I think I've got the hang of that now, well I hope anyway!

This palette comes in both fair and dark toned colours...though not much difficult between colouring. I opted for the fair for two reasons, my skin is a lot paler than I ever thought and if I went darker these colours would be way too visible on my skin. The highlighter is a white and slightly pink tone colour with shimmer, very similar in colouring the the highlighter you can buy individually from Makeup Revolution. The blush is a deep toned pink, not too light but not too dark with next to no shimmer too! And the bronzer red/brown tones, perfect for my skin tone...sadly I just can't quiet get it to look right on my cheeks just yet! As I said I'm still new to using this little set but I'm really loving the chance to try it and if it end up in the back of my makeup collection but I just couldn't get my makeup looking right, I won't be too disheartened...I love Makeup Revolution & I <3 Makeup, for the quality and price of there products, which with this is exactly what I got. 

Am I the only person who's still learning to using bronzer, blush and highlighter or am I a little behind with my makeup? 


  1. The blush shade looks lovely x

    Emma | www.nailsmakeupbeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  2. The packaging reminds me of a chocolate bar for some reason (probably because I'm so hungry!) Really enjoyed this review, its written beautifully :) Bronzers don't work well with me either because I'm so pale, so when i want to contour etc I use a powder that is a couple shades darker than my natural colour, makes for a much more subtle look :)


  3. I have no idea how to use bronzer or highlighter, so you're definitely not on your own there! I don't even know where to begin to be honest!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  4. What a gorgeous set! Well done to MUR for a great product.

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  5. I think makeup is always a learning process, even for the pros like Jaclyn Hill, I think there is always more to learn and do. Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter are a constant process for me, because each day I use different products and different techniques. I'm really interested to try this product, however the bronzer looks quite light and quite orange toned.

    Check out my blog?
    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & ­­Bloglovin'

  6. I love sleek but I am totally over onto make up rev now too, I just get cheaper and cheaper hahaha! I am useless at defining and sculpting, I need to watch some videos xxx


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