Makeup Revolution; mini haul


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Makeup Revolution; Mini Haul

// The One Blush Stick £5 // #Liphugs Lipsticks £2.50 // 

It's official, I'm addicted to shopping and the only thing I pick up at the moment is makeup. My head tells me to stop spending and start saving, a week of not touching my card and I begin to believe it's okay to spend some money here and there. Last week I did that, I held off for 2 weeks of longing for these products before making an order, I then couldn't stop myself and then I was waiting patiently at the letter box for the next four days. I picked up three Lip hugs, which I fell in love with instantly and before I realised I was also adding The One Blush Stick...I blame the blogging world and everyones hype for them.

The One Blush Stick, I picked up in MATTE RUSH, I'm not always the biggest fan of shimmers and having the option to choose between shimmer and matte of each shade is such a good idea. While I'm still not sure this is the right colour for me, it was the one I thought would compliment me best from the choice online. Honestly it's warming to me, just needing to add a small amount under my cheek bone and simply blend in to create the definition. The stick itself is rather thick in comparison to what I'd prefer, this sometimes means I put too much product on my skin and it looks a little over done. But the one thing that impresses me, is the lightweight effect this has on my cheeks, while clearly showing on my skin, the product doesn't feel heavy which personally I find is great!? 

The lipsticks were my main reason for making this order and I'm completely thrilled with the products. When purchasing lipsticks, the one thing I always consider is the texture of them and these were almost what I didn't want...still wearable and rather long lasting but still slightly 'lipgloss' like, which I'm not a fan of! The colours are also a little different to what I expected but just what I wanted all the same, am I making sense? (following the photo order...) I picked up KEEPS THE PLANET SPINNING, STILL MISSING MY BABY and I AM READY. While I was looking for more plum toned colours, these are much more red toned and even one being close to nude, but in the end it's what I wanted and I haven't stopped wearing them since, I got three new lipsticks to my collection and I'll be wearing them so much throughout winter. 

Theres so many more shades of these lipsticks available, some I think I'll be putting on my christmas wish list. I love adding new pieces to my makeup collection and at the price and quality of Makeup Revolution I'm going to struggle to continue saving with the amount of products I've been eyeing up lately. 


  1. The first lipstick looks like such a pretty shade. I can't wait until I get paid, definitely need to place an order :) x

  2. Love the shades you picked up! x
    Emma |

  3. I sometimes feel like a drug addict in rehab whenever I tell myself to stop buying makeup for just a week or two! The lipsticks are too tempting, especially since they're all only £2.50!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  4. These genuinely look amazing :) and they really suit you, I think I might need to try the one blush stick! And I don't mean to sound TOTALLY weird but you have perfect lips, they are such a nice shape!

  5. Isn't it a beautiful shade! Oh definitely, so much slimmer compared to others too, I love them!

    Sarah xo

  6. I wasn't in love with it too much, not until I took these photos and I realised how subtle but pretty it is! Oh you really do!?

    sarah xo

  7. Aren't they! I'm in love

    sarah xo

  8. Ah I thought i was the only one, it's so tough not to spend!?
    Exactly, cheap enough to justify really hehe

    sarah xo

  9. I love that third lipstick! And the packaging for these makes them look so much more expensive! x

    tmzn loves / beauty blog

  10. Thank you so much, that's so nice of you!?
    Oh I do love the blush stick!!

    sarah xo


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