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Me Me Me; New Collection

If you've been reading my blog lately, then you'll have heard (or read) me banging on about the Fabb Event I attended in Birmingham a few weekends ago! One of the many fabulous brands attending was Me Me Me, a brand I'd heard about but never actually used...So when I got the chance to meet Tia and hear all about Me Me Me, well I couldn't wait to get home and test out all my goodies, and boy was she generous! Although sometimes I may class myself as a beauty blogger, sometimes I just don't use many products, so seeing a variation of different products I rarely use, ekk I was excited.

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Seventh Heaven; Moisturising Face-base £15.00*

Me and skincare aren't always best friends, possibly because I'm too lazy!...But when I saw this adorable little pot, I couldn't wait to use it! It smells gorgeous too, and because I'm bad with smells I pinched the description from the box...'lightly scented with a zest of lemon, orange, lime and mandarin', with being a lover of sweet, fruity scents this is heaven. This moisturiser is a daily use products, to apply before makeup or alone. As excited as I was to test out this product, as much as I love the smell, and as much as I wanted to extend my skin I said we aren't always best friends and not just because I'm lazy, but my skins a little sensitive, and well rather than moisturising, my skin has broken out in spots...though I'm keeping this in my collection, in the hope that I'm just having a weird break out instead!

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Flawless Tinted Moisturiser £9.99*

Another moisturiser was this Flawless tinted product, just like the seventh heaven face-base, I've recently stopped using this incase this was causing my break out too! But this can be used as both a moisturiser and a foundation, which for a while is exactly what I did. Perfect for those days when I want a little coverage on my face, but I'm just too lazy to do my full face of makeup! 

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Goddess Rocks £12.00*

This bronzer kind of intimidates me! Such a beautiful shade of golden brown, as you can see the golden tones and the shimmer within the bronzer. Although I say intimidating, this colour doesn't look too intense on the swatch, as soon as it hits my cheek bones, well maybe it's a self-conscious thing, it just adds too much definition, whereas I tend to feel comfortable with minimum.

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Blush Me! Blush Box £8.50*

I'm really beginning to fall in love with wearing blusher, and throughout the summer (and admittedly still now) I'm loving coral colours. The colouring on my skin isn't too intense, which is great for me and I know I must start using this product a little more! Plus the box comes with an adorable travel size blush brush, along with a mirror inside the box lid, handy right! 

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Long Wear Satin Lip Cream - Hot Magenta £8.50 (Special Price £6.50)*

It's safe to say I'm officially obsessed with lipsticks, finding new colours and new products! And I was so excited to see this amongst everything, sadly over the years I've worn this lip colour and it's not exactly my shade, but I'd really like to wear this lipstick, so maybe it's time to forget my little issue and wear this...and with that I'll get back to you with a review some time soon! 

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Lash Attack Mascara £7.50*

Along with my lipstick obsession, I have a mascara one too! Though it's possibly not to the same level of obsession but I adore my eyes, without sounding self obsessed...I like my eyes, I like products for my eyes and one of those products is mascara, and I have my favourite products so sometimes I worry about using new ones...but I took the plunge and used this one and helps make my eyes look so long and thick, ahh in love! 

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Dew Pot - Twilight Bliss £5.25*

Along with my love for mascara, eyeshadows take a close second. And the creamy eyeshadow of this dew pot is amazing! I don't own many individual pots and I was excited to use this, I've been wearing it the last few days, either on it's own or with added colours from palettes. I love this colour too, a hint of both silver and purple shades, with a shimmer too. 

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Arch Angel £8.50*

My final product and possibly my favourite has been the Arch Angel!? Keeping to my liking for eye products, my brows count too...this time last year I wasn't a person who used brow product, especially not gel ones and now I don't think I'd cope without! Comparing this to the other brow gel I've been using, I can't help but love this so much more. The highlighting gel creates a perfect colour on the brow bone and the gel brush is the perfect size to fill in my brows without making too many mistakes, oops possibly shouldn't admit that!

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I adore the packaging of each product, so beautiful and elegant. I love how each packaging has information about the product, which for some strange reason always pleases me. And each product is such great quality, though not everything matches me skin type or tone, thanks to this selection I know I'll continue to use and purchase from Me Me Me. Which luckily for both me and you, Me Me Me have given me and my readers a code for 25% off the full range. Valid from now to the 30th November, all you need to do is pop the code; mememe25 once everything's in your basket. 
Once it's payday, and I've had yet another search of the site, I know I'll be making an order myself. 

Have you used Me Me Me products before? Which is your favourite? Or what have you had your eye on? 


  1. These all look so good! Arch Angel looks like the kind of thing I'd love too x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. These look like lovely products. I particularly like the look of the Blush Me boxed blush as I adore coral blush shades too! For an all time favorite MeMeMe product, I'd recommend the Beat The Blues highlighter which is a Benefit High Beam dupe!

  3. I adore my cherubs blush from mememe I swear it lasts so much longer than my benetint from benefit! X

  4. The blush box looks absolutely incredible, although I hate to say it some of their products are hit or miss, but some look AMAZING that I haven't tried too. Skincare is the bane of my life really, much like you said lots of things break me out :( xx

  5. i really need to try their makeup!

    from helen at

    my £85 white and rose gold Fossil watch giveaway ends soon! click here

  6. Aren't they beautiful! Oh I think so too, I definitely recommend Arch Angel!

    sarah xo

  7. Dont they! Oh yes of course, I want to start wearing the blush so much more than I have done!
    Oh thanks, I'll have to give that a try thank you!

    sarah xo

  8. Oh no way, that's awesome! And for the fraction of the price too haha.

    sarah xo

  9. Doesn't it, I think I'd love to try more of the shades...still not found my perfect blush tone!
    i thought I was the only one with weird break outs, my skin is normally find until I use skincare products...but I'm told I should have a skincare routine, confusing! haha

    sarah xo

  10. Oh you do, I really recommend them :)

    sarah xo


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