My New Bedroom.


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If you don't follow me on twitter (here) well then you probably have no idea that for the last few weeks I've been decorating my bedroom. But I was talking so much about it and it was a much needed change that I wanted to be able to share it on my blog.

My room used to be filled with photos, every where you looked I'd found a place to stick up a memory, collected things from friends and they were on display too...but over the years I've realised I'd stopped talking or seeing these friends, friendships had ended and my display of photos no longer felt special. My single bed was also beginning to make me feel like a child and everything about my room was beginning to dishearten me rather than be my special room in the house. Knowing I'll be living at home for many years still, I thought it was about time to take the plunge and do something about my miserable old bedroom. 

Choosing a wall colour was the hard part, but a light grey on one wall was the perfect choice. I wanted something basic and a neutral colour so the times when I decided I'm bored I can change my colour scheme without it clashing with my bedroom walls. The biggest feature to my room seems to be lighting, fairy lights mainly, which I purchased from both primark and asda...this was mainly because of the time of year I love fairy lights and I've been craving some adorable ones in my room for some time, I feel so at home with them all lit up! I also brought a small and large lamps, for both on my desk and shelve to light up two sides of my bedroom, perfect for night time blog write ups and reading books in bed, ah bliss! Since arranging my bedroom, I've realised everything I've purchased has been candles or candle holders...added with the fairy lights, lit candles in the evening is so comforting.

I also needed storage, lots of storage! While my bedroom isn't the smallest room, I own too much stuff and always seem to run out of space. So of course, with my build in wardrobes and selves, I also purchased a tall bookshelf, a wall shelf and some ikea alex drawers. My books and dvd's finally have space in my bedroom (turns out I own too many and ran out of space years ago)...and while I no longer have a dressing table/area, all my beauty products fit perfect into these 9 drawers, in fact give me a few more weeks of spending and the drawers will probably be filled up soon enough!
Of course me being me, I can't yet expect loosing my photos, or all the pretty things that I like around my bedroom. So with a more mature paint colour, a brand new double bed...I still have a few photos posted around, little ornaments around and different colours around. I've also already started looking at canvas prints to post on my walls, some of which have been Disney movie prints.

I wanted to share my room with you all, because I'm really in love with my little space now. I'm so cosy and relaxed when I walk into the room. Though I'm already struggle to keep control of keeping it clean, which seems so much more difficult now I have less floor space. 


  1. It looks amazing lovely I love how simple it is xx

  2. This looks lovely! I have decorated only one side of my bed and I am working on it. It's fun!

  3. Such a lovely room. I like these cute lights.

  4. Awh I love your room! I'm really liking the colour grey at the minute, especially paired with a bright yellow. That bookshelf looks like something that would come in handy in my room, all my dvds are tucked away in a big drawer! You've done a pretty good job, it looks lovely and cosy :) x

  5. Your room looks so lovely! I find it really hard to get my room just how I want it because I just have way too much stuff. I know exactly what you mean about the photos. When I went to uni I printed off hundreds of pictures to fill a huge space on my wall. After a while though, they just weren't the people that were closest in my life anymore and it felt strange to have them all over my room!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  6. I adore it! I would love my room to look like this :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  7. I really love this, I'm redoing my room at the moment, and I really want it to look like this, especially with loads of fairy lights!

    Eden x // edenroses // enter my giveaway!

  8. Oh it looks sooooo pretty, the lights, the little white camera and so organised too. I definitely need some storage or something to get mine as sexy as this ;) xxx

  9. looking so so good, I'm in the middle of doing my dressing room; can't wait to show it!

    Francesca xo |

  10. No bedroom is complete without bunting ;) love this

    Alice x

  11. Your room is gorgeous! Very vintage :) xx

  12. I did this myself for the very same reason about 2 years ago and it's made my bedroom space feel so much calmer, and so much more like home. It also feels more grown up and I no longer feel embarrassed at the idea of new people seeing it xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  13. Lovely! I've just redecorated my living room and bedroom and I love it too! It's such a good feeling, I enjoy getting home from home even more these days. xx

    Tash | Dance Flow Lift

  14. What a cozy little space you've created! I'm desperately in need of a little bedroom revamp myself! It's so chaotic and busy right now ... I supposed 20 some years of accumulating things will do that, but this post is a good motivation to get to work on it! :)

    xo Elle

  15. I love all the little touches you've added to the room like the fairy lights and ornaments. And I really want your deer lunchbox in the window! x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam // Pretty Honest Giveaway

  16. This looks gorgeous! I love your candles and little fairy lights! I need to update my room but its so much effort as I have so much furniture!
    Hannah |

  17. looks so cute and cosy! x

  18. VanityMonastery3 May 2015 at 13:03

    It's lovely! :)

    My Beauty Blog


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