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Witch Skin Care; A/W Skin Care.

It's officially December, which means it's time for my blog to be taken over with #BigBlogmasProject posts. Starting today and until the last day in December, I'll be publishing a new christmas related post. If you know me and my blog well, you know I'm terrible for scheduling, creating posts and generally some times I probably should be ashamed to call myself a blogger, but this year I haven't felt my normal comforts of Christmas just yet and a few months back I saw tweets about this project, and I jumped at the chance to fill my blog and myself with the christmas spirit...Of course, because of my terrible planning I've written a few posts in advance and that's already got me excited! 

So to start off this month of daily posts, I thought I'd share my autumn/winter skin care routine...I was recently contacted by Witch, and they're currently in the middle of there campaign for #SwitchToWitch...so of course I've signed up and very excited to see what it's all about, this campaign is currently running and will close on the 16th. The more you share from your profile on the Switch to Witch page, the more clicks you get from your shares you begin to unlock pages and are in with a chance to win prizes, oh so very exciting!?

You may have read several times over here on time to see the stars, that I'm terrible with my skin care. I've always wanted a routine, I've always wanted to use so many products but I've either forgotten about the products I've brought or they've been not right for my skin and instead of preventing spots has brought me out in them. Fortunately when all these products turned up at my door, I was in the middle of a spot break out...from other products I've recently tried. While slowly figuring out my skin, without realising my skins sensitive. With Witch products being natural products, I wasn't worried and knew my skin would benefit from these products. 

Cleansing and Toning Wipes - £2.99* 
Until recently, I'd actually stopped using makeup wipes. Only using micellar water...but when I saw these in the collection, I knew I'd be back to my old trips and using wipes in no time. I've concentrated on using these products together as part of a routine. And the wipes are top of the list, firstly I use these cleansing and toning wipes, even when my skins clear of make up just to make sure. Pretty basic wipes aren't they, can't really say much else. 

Blackhead Clearing Gel - £4.99* 
I'm not one to get too many spots, well obvious spots anyway. But blackheads, they're all over my nose and chin and honestly I've not tried a product to get rid of them...probably due to not knowing what will work best. But it's been a few weeks now and I'm still using this product, while I haven't noticed a complete disappearance they've definitely softened down. Using this gel after a quick wash of my face, circling around my face (avoiding my eyes of course), I actually like this product as you can feel something happening. While using this it becomes a scrub and begins to remove the dead skin. I think I like that the gel does this, as I can feel something happening. 

Hazel Bursting Beads Face Wash - £3.99* 
I'm loving this face wash, I'd never fallen in love wth a face wash before...I just found them to be there for my trial and error routine and that be it. While I struggle to use this daily, it's still a great product to have on those days I feel my skin needs some extra love. As you can see this is a clear product with blue beads (blue that continently matches the witch colours). It's as simple as washing this into your face, a good little rub and wash off. Helps make my face feel awesome.

Blemish Stick - £2.89* 
The blemish stick is the one product I don't feel working, while its a handy little thing to keep as part of your skin care I've not noticed a change in any blemishes or not amazing changes anyways, saying that my skin hasn't had huge breakouts since having any of these products. I'll just dab this product into the areas I feel are a little more red or spots are forming, sometimes a quick fix before applying my makeup or during my routine.

Mattifying Moisturiser - £4.99*
The final product, which again I sometimes use alone is the moisturiser. I'm never a fan of products that make my skin feels oily and with this giving the matte effect I love it! Again something I'll simply use at the end of my routine, to help my skin feels back to normal.

As a little gift for my lovely followers, Witch are giving me the chance to host and you lovelies to win yourself some of the following items from the giveaway. This is for UK residents only and will run until the 17th December. So good luck all!?

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Sometimes I'm a little naughty and run out of time to do a complete routine during my days or nights but I try my best and even when I can't use them all I still try to use at least one product for an area my skins needs that extra love. I'm in love with this skin care range, so gentle on my skin. My skins began to clear up once I started using the product, I mean I definitely got these products at the right time. It's safe to say once these run out I'll be making a repurchase, and be using these products and the witch skin care range for a longgggg time now.
Do you already love Witch or are you going to be giving them a chance this winter season. Don't forget to enter the give away.


  1. I used to use witch when i was younger! might switch back now you've given it such a great review!


  2. I've never actually tried any which skincare I may have to give it a go! Xx


  3. Thank you lovely i haven't tried witch before so I would love to give them a go with my current horrendous skin haha xxx

  4. Awesome review :) I used to use Witch all the time, haven't heard anything about them for ages though, until now!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  5. Oh thank you! I'm so glad my review has encouraged you to try them again :)

    sarah xo

  6. I hadn't until recently, definitely already know I'll be repurchasing!

    Sarah xo

  7. Oh I'm glad my post had helped and I hope the products help :)

    sarah xo

  8. Thank you! I remember there name and never used them until recently, I'm excited to use them a little more now!?

    Sarah xo


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