#BigBlogmasProject Day 10; Gift Guide for Men/Boys.


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#BigBlogmasProject Day 10; Mens Gift Guide

- top drunk cards - axis caviar gift set - marvel shower set - build your own bumble bee -
-playstation wallet - little book of beards - photomug - casio watch - retro sweets - brooklyn t-shirt - 

I honestly think I need a gift guide to create my gift guides...I think I'm useless! And even more so when it comes to mens & boys gifts. We've never had many men in our family and even now I only have 3 to buy for, boyfriend, brother & dad...and each year mentally I feel more prepared but once I start shopping I'm stuck. So my gift guide today is focused much more on the 'stocking filler' ideas of the presents, the cheaper products and the little things that'll entertain any (most) men in your life.  I even brought the watch for my brother and the book for my dad, so thanks to my own gift guide I'd managed this year.
I guess with men and women it all depends on the person to find the right gift, well that's how I see it anyway! I always like to make sure I find gifts that a person will use. So here's a little gift guide of ideas for the men in my life and hopefully I'm helping you with yours.

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