#BigBlogmasProject Day 11; Winter Essentials.


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#BigBlogmasProject Day 11; Winter Essentials. 

lipsticks //  christmas pj's // bowler hat // faux fur scarf // striped jumper // platform boots //
// wine slash jumper // floral playsuit // grey dress // statement necklace // 

I'm not doing too well with these posts this month, I was so prepared for so many posts, photos were taken and a list was made of the posts I was going to do, and I've either not managed to write the post in time or just like today's post, I lost my photos...yes! I lost my photos, I had a few ideas for winter essentials and I wanted to write a post all about my winter lip colours and the other day I cleared out my memory card and lost my photos for this post, so well done me!

So instead yet another quick post today to show you lovely lot my winter essentials, my winter essentials in the form of another wish list. I decided rather than concentrating on the things I want such as coats etc, I'd do a wishlist about everything I like, want or need around this time of year. I absolutely love this time of year, not just because of the season spirit, or the jolly-ness of christmas but I love the feeling of the cold and the constant need to wrap up warm, I guess it's always been about the romance of it all from the 15 year old who used to watch the soppy christmas rom-coms and ever since, winter just fills me with those old dreams and ideas of adult life. 

I've brought all my christmas presents recently and saved myself a little bit of money which means my brains telling me it's perfectly acceptable to treat myself to lots of new things and I'm so tempted to pick a few of these things up, someone stop me...it's christmas soon!? 

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  1. Love the stripy jumper and the boots! They look super comfy and cosy :) xx



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