#BigBlogmasProject Day 16: favourite blogs.


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#BigBlogmasProject Day 16: Favourite Blogs. 

It's possible I've been waiting all month to write this post, not only because it's such a sweet post idea but I wanted to share the love of my favourite blogs and to some of the friends I've made over the last few years. Theses are just a number of my favourite blogs. And they have been for the most post of this year, I've been following these girls for a couple of months now, and some for almost 2 years/ as well as making friends with them online and even meeting a few, so this is definitely my favourite blogs for more than one reason. 

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Sian Marie - Sian

Sian, has become like my twin...well that's what we call each other anyway. We've become such close friends all thanks to twitter. But her blog is definitely my favourite read, perfect photography and writing. Sometimes I run out of time and hardly get the chance to read everyone's posts, but somehow Sian manages to do this every time, leaving me lovely comments on almost every posts. Ah I wish I could manage to do that, she's such a sweetheart!?   

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Charlotte Rose - Charlotte 

Another girl I've made friends with thanks to twitter has been Charlotte, there's something about charlottes posts I just love, thanks to reading her posts I've either become inspired to write or totally wanted to just pinch a few of her ideas (don't worry I haven't, but all credit would go to her). I adore reading her posts, and usually end up reading more than just the one post every time I visit her blog. 

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Effbeauty - Francesca 

Frankie's blog, is actually a little new...both to the blogging world but to me too, but she's managed so well to get to blog seen, her beautiful face and posts just make everyone read them...and her eye makeup will easily make you envious. A very beauty inspired blog, but you won't read a post without wanting to buy what she's writing about. Seriously Frankie, I still wish I had your makeup talent. 

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Hannerking - Hannah

Another new blog to me is Hannahs, I just love her posts. Along with meeting Sian, Charl and Frankie I got to meet Hannah a few months ago. And along with the others I'm so glad I did, it's safe to say I think I met some good friends in these girls. I'm actually so excited to see her blog grow and I've just caught up with her latest posts and now I'm jealous of the items she's got and recently loved having a little read about her life. 

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I met Sam through Twitter, again. Back in the summer I was attending my very first blog meet up, I was petrified and wanted to find a reason to not turn up, but instead I made friends with Sam through Twitter a few days before and suddenly my nerves disappeared. The day I spoke to her was the day I found her blog, and I've loved it ever since. Seriously her outfit posts and photographs are amongst my favourites to look at. I've met Sam a few more times since then and her blog continues to still be one I love reading and oh I wish I had her wardrobe. 

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I think charlottes blog was one of the first I came across when I started blogging myself. I first fell in love with her outfits she created. As with the rest I've needed a catch up lately, I don't know how time runs out and I never get to read posts but I've caught up on so many of charlottes recently and it reminded me of the reasons I followed her in the first place. Many of her posts at the moment are very festive and full of Christmas spirit, and for a girl who loves Christmas but doesn't always feel so festive lots of Christmas posts is usually exactly what I need.

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The girl behind this blog is one of my best friends and not through blogging. We became friends 3 years ago in our first university lecture and we've spoken pretty much ever since, this time last she decided she wanted to start a blog and I like to think I've encouraged her since. She's recently started posting a lot more and I'm so excited to watch her blog grow...and for us to do so many more blogger things together, ekk!? 

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Blonde of Carbs - Jessica

Jess is another of firsts I read, when I first started using twitter as a space to get to know other bloggers, Jess was one of the first I spoke too. She's such a lovely girl and her blog is pretty adorable too! Another girls who's blog features beautiful outfits too. Another blog I adore and will now continue to spend my day catching up on many of her posts I've missed lately! 

This is also my little advertising for anyone looking for new reads and my way of sharing my love for them. The more I wrote this the more I realised I've hardly had the time to sit and read blog posts lately, which I know I'm terrible for anyway. But today I will set aside a few hours to read these lovely ladies blogs and many others, and something I'll try and concentrate on doing more in the new year.

Who's your all time favourite blog? Who's blog do you always have to read? Or do you love these girls blogs too?


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeee this made me have butterflies in my tummy >.Siân Marie Beauty

  2. I love posts like this, finding new blogs is always my favourite and there are loads there now that I feel compelled to read! :) xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  3. Oh my god I totally wasn't expecting to be included in this - thank you so much! You've made my day. I love this kind of post, finding new blogs is one of my favourite things to do x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  4. Oh my gosh I've just spotted myself up there hahaha, thanks Sarah! You know yours is one of my favourite blogs too! :)
    There's a couple of blogs here I've not come across before so will definitely be popping over and taking a peek at theirs too!

  5. I've only been on a couple of these blogs, I will have to check them out x


  6. I hope you like them as much as I do :)

    Sarah xo

  7. Aw thanks Sam :)
    I hope you liked reading the other blogs, finding new reads is always fun!

    sarah xo

  8. I adore your blog and I have done for some time :)

    sarah xo

  9. I hope you found some new reads through this post :)

    sarah xo

  10. eeeee that's what I like to hear!
    Ditto, ps. we NEED to do something soon, I wanna meet your pretty face again please :))

    sarah xo


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