#BigBlogmasProject Day 19: Clothes Show Haul


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#BigBlogmasProject; Clothes Show Haul.

Ekk, Well isn't December the most amazing time of year...not just because of christmas, but because of Birmingham's Clothes Show Live. I first attended in 2007 and fell in love, but didn't attended again until 3 years ago, and now well I think it's becoming a tradition, I'll even go alone if must (well maybe not, but still). This year, just like last I went with my friend Ellie, who blogs, here. It's possibly dangerous that we go together, but it works out well as we have the same interests and both obsessed with makeup and shopping!

I had some money saved up this year, and so I knew I could really treat myself this year and not worry about the cost. Well I did and a lot of money was spent...but I'll get into that later. We chose to go on the final day, and our fashion show was booked for 10am. So once we'd arrived and parked up we headed straight to the fashion show. Being as though it was one of the first showing of the day, the arena was practically empty, as our already good seats were even better (Thankfully I brought my camera I got some amazing photos)!! The theme was America, which always captures me in. The fashion show was so so good, the looks were amazing! But I was definitely too busy watching the dancing, they all have a great energy in the show, whether they're the models or the dancers they enjoy themselves and work well together and that's something that I love seeing! 
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Once the fashion show was over, it's all about shopping! We headed to the opposite side of the exibition halls, and worked our way back. (I'm probably going to forget a ton of shops we brought from...but I'll give it a go). We first popped to the Ciate stall, where we purchase this years advent calendar, 3 mini gift sets and a goodie bag all for £20. I'm not the best at wearing nail polishes, but I adore all of these so far and can't wait to use them all! Straight away we ended up at Model's Own choosing 5 polishes with our goodie bag for £10. Every year I'm envious of those picking up Sleep In Rollers and ALWAYS want to give them a try, so this year while the stall was empty we got ourselves a box for £10...I definitely need a little more practice before I can write a blog review on these!!

...I've kind of forgotten where we went to next but we spent most of our time looking at the makeup, we both picked up a Rimmel bag for £5, which is so much better than last years! We also picked up a W7 goody bag for £5 too. Possibly my favourite purchase of the day was the Bare Mineral starter kit, which was only £20, I looked into purchasing it a few months ago but just didn't have the funds at the time and with the last day of the clothes show, deals were much better, well I couldn't say no and we both got our hands on the kit we'd been eyeing up for months. That, from what I remember was the last of the makeup shopping, we then headed for some food, dropped our many bags at the car and started again.

We concentrated on the clothing section now, straight away I've purchased a new 'vintage' style ring and some new piercings. Also the S,L,M initials which were only £2, I thought they'd look pretty in my room and they definitely add a little touch! I wanted to spend most of my money on clothing, but only brought 3 items. The polka dot blouse was very Gabby/VelvetGh0st inspired, but fits so well and has now become one of my favourites. I then picked up 2 dresses, a little summery but I can work with them! A baby pink and navy blue swing dress and a burgundy candy skull dress...with a thick knitted jumper and some thick tights will be perfect for family get togethers this christmas. 

I didn't think I'd go into so much detail about my purchases, and I've made this a long post, but I'm so happy with all my purchases and getting all these back home was hilarious. I'm already excited for next years clothes show and can't wait to get using all my products and writing reviews on all my pieces. If you're interested in something being reviewed please let me know? 
Did you go to the clothes show this year or have you always wanted to go?


  1. I wish I went to the show now! It looked incredible, I say every year that I will get around to going and never do *sigh*
    Perhaps a new years resolution for 2015 is to actually go!
    Lovely photos x

  2. Great post! I love what you picked, so jealous of all the goodies ;D

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. Would you believe I've never been to the Clothes Show? I've always wanted to, so I think I need to make it my mission to go next year!!

  4. Ahh looks like you got loads, I went too and got the Mini Mani Manor! Such a bargain! The show was amazing - Great photos! xo


  5. It's not until looking at it all laid out that I realised how much I got, oops! I'm in love with the mini mani manor, so lucky to get it. Oh yes I loved the show, the best I've seen I think

    sarah xo

  6. No way!? You neeeed to get yourself a ticket this year, sometimes theirs a few flops in whats around but it's always a good day!

    sarah xo

  7. Oh you really should! It's always fun going to the clothes show :)
    thank you!
    sarah xo

  8. thank you hun! Such a good day for picking up lots of things, I wish I could go back!

    sarah xo


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