#BigBlogmasProject Day 31; A 2014 Review


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#BigBlogmasProject Day 31; A 2014 Review. 

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015. I know many bloggers will be doing this post in the next few days, but showing off my year has made me understand how exciting my life has been these past 12 months. 
Have you ever thought about leaving a year behind you and not thought for a second the things you've got up too, maybe I haven't done so many things that have been on my bucket list, but I've done so many other things and I couldn't be amazed with what I've achieved.

I welcomed 2014 in with my boyfriend, spent many moments celebrating even the smallest things with my friends and feel so much closer to my family.

Celebrating turning 21, my own birthday and all my friends. I watched McBusted live, met S Club '3',      watched the football and taken to Disney on ice for my birthday. I got to expand my photography skills and started my own online business. I lost a few friends since last year but became so much closer to the rest in my life, and even made friends with a few new people. I've watched my friends do some amazing things and I'm so proud of them for that. I watched my little brother finish college and move away from home for a new job. I finished university, struggled like crazy in my 3 years but this year I managed to graduate. And I even have a part-time job, which no one really thought possible.

Along with all the personal things I've achieved this year, I've also gained over 500 followers since this time last year, my blog has improved and though only slightly I'm so much more open about my blog with my family and friends. I also had the chance to meet so many of my blog friends I'd made online, meeting some more than once and planning future meet ups with some girls I can't wait to see again. 

I may be dreading my possible 10 hour shift tonight, but I'll be seeing the new year in with some new friends even if we are working. But now I'm about to have the biggest lazy day with my boyfriend, which I think we both need! And in the new year I'll be celebrating 3 year with Tom, I have a new pet to look after and well no real plans just yet, but I'm sure I can make 2015 exciting.

I hope you all have fun plans for tonight, I hope you all had an amazing year and looking forward to 2015. And I'll speak to you all in the new year, lots of love. 


  1. Just spotted a picture of meee in there haha! Happy New Year Sarah (and hope you had a great Christmas too!) One of my favourite things about this year was making and getting to meet loads of new blogger friends. Hopefully see you in the new year! :) xx

  2. It was amazing to meet you last year! I hope its not too much longer till we meet again <3!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty


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