#BigBlogmasProject Day 6; Cosy Nights


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#BigBlogmasProject Day 6; Cosy Nights. 

I'm slightly gutted I'm writing this on a Saturday, not because I have exciting plans for tonight but that I'm going to be at work tonight but a cosy night is always like a luxury by my Sunday evenings. 
Instead of moaning about the fact I have work in a few hours, I wanted to tell you the things I get up too. I guess I have two types of 'cosy nights'; cosy nights with my boyfriend tend to mean junk food and his choice of film, which are always lovely and everything but since the age of 14 I've always enjoyed a cosy night alone. Many nights during the week I'll spend my evenings alone in my bedroom and normally on my computer, but theres those night when I need a little comfort and comfort comes in my bed, hot chocolate and a good old 'girly' film. These nights don't tend to happen much anymore, but I find them as my minds way of telling me I need a break...I mean you know it's really bad when I'll be hiding my phone for a few hours.

Especially since decorating my bedroom, I've been finding so much more comfort in my bedroom, enjoying the time I'm spending in my little room. All my christmas candles lit, my bedside lamp lit and the fairy lights all around my room, ah cosy! And my never-ending list of films has suddenly extended since purchasing Netflix. 

Quick little post today as I'm in the middle of trying to stay awake and get ready for work....oh and writing tomorrows post as I'm slightly running behind schedule with my posts, oops! Hope everyone's well and enjoying your weekend!


  1. I absolutely love your new room, it looks really cosy and festive! I've just finished watching Love Actually with a hot chocolate - can't beat a cosy night in on your own :)

    Emma x

  2. Sounds spot on! Some great film choices as well there ;D

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. Sounds like the perfect cosy night in x

  4. Oh that sounds like a lovely night! I must add watching the grinch to my viewing list before christmas!?
    Oh they're from wilko, only £3/4 too :))

    sarah xo

  5. Oh thank you so much!?
    Oh I really need to watch Love Actually soon!...and with a hot chocolate would be perfect too. I love my cosy nights!!

    Sarah xo

  6. Doesn't it!! Oh I need to watch these all again soon, I'm in need of another movie night, though I'm still obsessing with gossip girl atm hehe

    sarah xo

  7. Doesn't it! I feel the need to have another one again soon aha

    sarah xo

  8. looks very cosy! I'm having my own lazy night, just finished watching the grinch! where did you get those snowflake and heart chain/garland things? they are so cute and festive!



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