#BigBlogmasProject Day 8; A Photo Diary


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BigBlogmasProject Day 8; A Photo Diary. 

Throughout this month I'll be posting everyday until 2015 begins and excitingly were already into the second week, woah! But the topic for today's post was a photo diary and I wasn't too sure what direction to take this post, but I've decided to welcome my readers into my little families way of celebrating christmas. Each photo has come from christmas day, but I wasn't just going to stop at one years christmas photos...I've dug out some oldies. Giving you all the chance to laugh at how I looked at 13, the awkward phases I went through, the outfits I wore and the hair colours I've been through over the years. This as expected turned into a photo heavy post, but I hope you enjoy them all and feel the festive spirit and giggle at my expense.

When listening to others christmas day traditions, my family has always done things slightly different...growing up we'd spend christmas with my nana and her sister, instead of at home we'd have our christmas meal at the local pub/restaurant. A tradition I loved and we continued to do until I was 13/14. When they both passed things changed and even now christmas still feels weird without them, but now we spend it either as a family of four or with my other grandparents and sometimes my aunts and uncles, and as of recent years now he's a pro chef, my brother tends to take over and cook the christmas dinners. Christmas time to me always means spending time with loved one, and one year even meant spending lots of time with my friends too.

Looking through these photos definietely has me excited for what's to come this year, and of course again this year Christmas will be spend a little different, but least it's something to add to our storybook and will be fun to look back on in the next few years.


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  2. I love posts like this :) I never take photos at Christmas, I definitely need to start!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

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  4. It's my first ever post I read on this blog and it was a very nice read for me :)

    MiglÄ— x | Meet Me On The Balcony


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