#100HappyDays - a little catch up... Days 71-90


#100 Happy Days - A little catch up. 

I spent last month doing daily posts for the Big Blogmas Project which meant I had no chance to catch you up on my 100 happy days posts which I've been posting (very slowly) on my instagram in the last few months. So with my 100 days almost coming to the end, I thought what better way to start my 2015 posts with a little catch up on what I got up to during the final months of last year. 
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Days 71-80. 
// new chockers // before the races selfie // sunset on the drive home // netflix and bed // 
// throwback to meeting s club // wooly hat & makeup // 
// starbucks break // mad hatters tea party // skull face // vampire bite // 

Looking back it feels as though November was rather relaxed...but I'm sure it wasn't. A busy Halloween weekend of dressing up for work, meant lots of makeup and lots of running around to make sure I had everything, it was also a little nervewrecking over this weekend as I'd never had to dress up for work before.

Recently near my home a woman and her family have opened up a little cafe completely based around Alice in Wonderland, obviously called the Mad Hatters Tea Party. So of course, we had to take a trip and see this beautiful place, everything was so well decorated, the furniture didn't match but looked so well together, chairs were on the ceiling and books everywhere. While I was amazed with how the place looked, the treats and drinks were amazing too!...I think I need to make a trip back again soon! Another tasty hot chocolate treat was the christmas honey & almond from Starbucks, in an attempt to start my christmas shopping early while I was slightly successful nothing beats a half way break and a trip to starbucks is always a winner!

I dyed my hair a few weeks ago and then practically covered it up once I found my wooly hat, oops! Not long ago,  S Club came back together and announced a tour, so of course the day I ordered my tickets I had to share my photo of the day myself a few friends got to meet 3 members of s club, ekk exciting! I've spent so much of my time lately either working, recovering from working or watching netflix, officially obsessed.  I also got to spend the day at the races with my nan and aunties, won a little money and just overall enjoyed myself of and of course, spend my time making christmas jewellery for my etsy page.

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Days 81-90
// it's a wonderful life // classic booth // starbucks catch up // before work selfie // 
// christmas tree // clothes show madness // 
// beautiful sunrise // throwback brother love // my christmas jewellery // singing snowmen // 

At the start of december, on a little look through our loft (or what I could get into) I found this singing christmas tree, as silly as it sounds and ridiculous as many people find it...it was my nannas, one of my favourite things about her christmas decorations was this little tree, so it was nice to get it out and bring back my childhood memories. Following with my christmas doings, I created a few christmas based jewellery pieces and this was my advertisement for them!

I adore timehop, and I found this photo from 4 years ago...in the middle of a snowy evening myself and my brother got out in the snow to take photos and I just love this one of me and him.

On the morning of the clothes show, while I was getting ready I was amazed by the beautiful sunrise just outside my bedroom window and completely stopped getting ready and took so many pictures of the view. Then by the evening of the clothes show, once we'd spent all our money we got back to the car...we realise how much we'd brought and filled the back seat of the car and struggled so much to get these into my house, oops!

Every year I take control and decorate our christmas tree, this year I brought us a new tree and lots of decorations, I guess now it's been taken down I'll miss it, but I struggled to fall in love with my decorating at first, boo! and another little selfie before work, because well why not!

Another starbucks trip, just before christmas when everyone goes for that festive drink to swap presents, so even though it was a little busy I got to spend time with one of my closest friends and that's the best thing I needed, seeing my friend who's been away for a while and having the best catch up. And a few days before christmas to really complete the festive feel, I sat down with my dad, had the tree lights lit, a cuppa in hand and watched it's a wonderful life...something we've planned to do together for years and just never did. So it was nice to sit down and spend that time together.


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