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January Favourites

As if it's the end of January already...well I'm sure everyone's post has started like this for their favourites post, but it's true, woah! It wasn't until today I realised I wanted to pop one of these posts on my blog. So half way through January saw me start a spending ban, currently only spending my money on food (mainly mcdonald's) so I've been shopping my stash as they like to say. Digging through my drawers and finding some forgotten favourites or pieces I've picked up and not really used. 
Not too much favourites this month, just a small handful, it may be possible that the month has gone past so quickly I've not even realised what products I've been using. My first favourite has to be my new perfume BLACK XS, my obsession for Paco Robanne for men is extremely high, my boyfriend owns many of the bottles...mainly because I purchase them for him and I swoon at the smell, yep swoon! So for christmas I thought it was time I joined the hype for myself and asked for the women's perfume. Though the smell isn't as strong, you can tell it comes from the same collection, while keeping the smell feminine. Over christmas I was given the Real Techinques NIC'S PICKS, and I've been slightly obsessed with them since, post here. Another favourite for my brushes has been my new Bare Minerals brushes from the GET STARTED, super soft and so amazing!? My next product I got just after christmas was BREATH OF FRESH AIR, I'd been wanting to pick one up for a while and I missed out on the christmas range sale but this was half price for around £3 for a full size bottle, I'm not complaining. I use this in the morning just before putting on my makeup and at night just after taking it off again, keeping my skin feeling fresh and clean. Just before my spending ban, I made a purchase of a few new hair colours for the ends of my hair; green, blue and purple colours to be precise. I get bored easily and wanted to try something new, I didn't get on with the green, which I reviewed, here. But I fell in love with the purple, BRUISED VIOLET. I've had so many compliments since putting this into my hair and I can't wait to but it in all over again, though I may experiment a little more next time! To say I shopped my stash this month, I'm only added two products that I brought in the months of 2014, the first being ARCH ANGEL from MeMeMe Cosmetics, I was given this in a goody bag back in October and it's been like my brows saviour since. I'd like to try more products for my brows soon, but while I can't afford new products I'm happy to continue to use this little product. Sticking to my stash and some reliable product, has to be my FOCUS & FIX PRIMER from makeup revolution, I wrote in a recent post (here) that I wasn't too sure I could confirm that this definitley worked but I like the product either way, theres just something about it and well let's be honest I'm sure my eyeshadow has been staying on much much better lately! My final beauty product, which was part of my stash but hadn't opened until the middle of last week was my Models Own, DUO EYESHADOW, I think the packaging compared to other makeup brands looks a little cheap and off putting but I got this as part of a kit when I went to the Clothes Show, but having my two go-to colours in one handy little palette is rather useful. This is perfect for days I'll be doing makeup on the more or if I want to touch up. 
While including my beauty favourites, I also want to mention my more lifestyle/personal favourite. My first being PROJECT LIFE, introduced to this through Sprinkle of Glitter & Lily Pebbles, I became obsessed with getting my hands on this scrapbook...as I've tried and failed so many times over the years, struggling to find products and pieces to use, so this set is so clever and so helpful! But I'll be posting a more in-depth post about this on Sunday. So while I'm attempting to Journal more through my scrapbook, I've also got my LINE A DAY, five year journal and I love climbing into bed at night and jotting down a little note about that day. My final favourite, is WHITE COLLAR. Me and my boyfriend started watching this just at the end of December, I wanted to watch it because Matt Bomer is gorgeous and well it was part of a genre which I knew Tom would love, so we both sat to watch it and haven't stopped since, so a must recommend for anyone looking for something a little different to what they normally watch!

A small set of favourites this month, I'm going to attempt to make these posts much more frequent! Every month I'll attempt favourites and half the time I've failed, oops!
What's been your favourites this month? Anything that's been included in my list on yours? Or wanting to try anything I mentioned?
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  1. I'd love to try bleach London

    Danielle Mac

  2. Love this post, so many fab favourites :) Im going to start using my one line a day on the 1st Feb, I couldn't start it half way through a month!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. I really do want to get hold of that scrap book and the one line a day book, but I also really do want to pick up the Bleach London.

    Beka. xo

  4. Love the idea of the scrapbook!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. I really want to try some bleach london especially violet it looks so pretty and Lush toners are lovellllyyyy! xxx

  6. I want to try more of the colours now, but I do reccomend it!
    sarah xo

  7. Oh thank you!
    Oh how exciting...I keep having to back date mine, I haven't wrote in mine for dayssss, oops!
    sarah xo

  8. I'm in loveeee with all mine, so if you can get your hands on them, do, you'll love them too I'm sure :)
    sarah xo

  9. It's been so much fun being able to make note of all my memories this year!
    sarah xo

  10. Oh yes! I want to get my hands on some more of the colours and try the toners :)
    sarah xo


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