Real Techniques Nic's Picks; brushes review.


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Real Techniques Nic's Picks; brushes review. 

Nic's Picks set - £29.99 

I've been waiting for these brushes for so long, I've actually had these now since Christmas day thanks to my boyfriend...but er I made him order these for me back in October. So getting my hands on these have been a long time coming. This time last year I owned only a few brushes and during 2014 my collection has started to grow. I knew these we're coming into stores as limited edition (which I don't think they are anymore?) and asked Tom (boyfriend) if these could be a christmas present, so I didn't feel guilty for making a £30 purchase on myself, thankfully he said yes and hid them away from me for 2 months and every girl knows that torture. 
The set comes with two face brushes and three eye brushes. Since taking them out of the box I've taken every makeup chance possible to use each one, so far so good...but it's safe to say the eye brushes and amongst my favourites I now own. 

duo-fiber face brush
Being completely truthful now, I don't really know if I'm using this one correctly. Yep, you read that correctly haha, terrible I know. I use one of my older (core kit) real technique to apply my makeup but I've been using this to even out my makeup, foundation in particularly. At the moment I'm getting used to new foundations and using this has helped me feel comfortable that everything's even. 

cheek brush
For the last few months...again another core kit brush, I've been using my contour brush for cheek application, for precision this is great but I adore this brush. The brush is much thicker than the contour brush which is perfect for an even and fuller look, which I perfer when blending out any blush, bronzer or highlighter...I like these being a little more subtle and not noticed and this cheek brush helps me achieve it! 

base shadow brush
I'm in love with this brush. As I mentioned I've been collecting more brushes these last few months and many have been for my eyes, especially since I've been obsessing over my shadows lately. Most of these have been smaller brushes and this one is a rather thick and full brush, which means I can get more across my lid which means it's perfect for that solid base colour. 

angled shadow brush
With the base brush, this has become a huge favourite of mine. With the base brush, the angled brush is perfect for my shadow application. So I own a few angled brushes which are much thinner and I own a few blending brushes...but this has become both. A much thicker brush means I can get alot more product into my crease, creating a deeper and darker effect and able to blend it out just so easily. 

eyeliner brush
I do want to use this for my liner soon, I want to buy the little gel pots and use it for that reason. But so far I've been using this for a more precise and thinner application of a chosen colour. The brush is small and strong as a brush so the bristles of the brush don't move too much when applying a precise line of a colour, oh it's so good.

I'm obsessing over these brushes (if you haven't already noticed), they're the first brushes I reach for when applying my make-up, especially the eyeshadow brushes...some of my collection have been neglected since December 25th. I do feel terrible about that but once I find a way to use all my brushes at once, I'll make sure I manage to do just that!


  1. These look so cool and I've been debating to get these but I'm convinced by the pretty color silver.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. They sound really good! Great review x

  3. their brushes are my favorite!

    xx danielle //

  4. A great review! I now want these brushes really bad haha!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  5. Out of everything I really want the eyeliner brush so I can start actually using my bloody products especially my nars shimmery gel liner haha xx

  6. I got Real Techniques brushes for Christmas too and I think they're great! The best part is they don't seem to keep old product on them so it doesn't mess up my look when I switch from a dark color to a light color with the same brush


  7. I loveeee them!...the main reason I got them was because they were silver!
    sarah xo

  8. I love them! oh thank you!
    sarah xo


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