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Anti Valentines Day - Makeup. 

I like the idea of valentines day, I do...I just have no intention of celebrating it. I've been in a relationship for 3 valentines now and for the first two, we slightly celebrated but neither of us are good at the whole, expressing ourselves or public displays of affection...so we always look at bit awkward on this day of love. So this year I thought, forget it! Yes, the girl in the relationship said no to the day, but sometimes it's just over played and not really my thing, so forget the cards and presents...just get me a good takeaway and an episode of our tv series we're watching at the moment and I'll be happy as every other day. And with that, I thought I'd make a makeup look, which was a little dark and different, my anti valentines day makeup look.

I guess this look is a little flirty, but with a darker edge. Nothing like the sickly sweet red look everyone will be wearing during the day. Most of the products used for this look were makeup revolution. Using the golden toned and almost black colours from the flawless palette, working the darker colours into my crease and a lighter golden shine in the inner corners. This was actually the first time using this palette. So I wish I'd tried a little bit more and actually gone heavier on the darker tones, purely as this would've created a much deeper smokey eye, but it's all about experimentation and I've been doing a lot of that recently. Because my shadow didn't become as dark as I think I'd hoped, I added a little liner...and of course, why not go all out and create a good old thick winged look and for once it turned out so much better than it usually does! I also didn't want to wear red, so a little deeper red was my go to shade (still missing my baby), it's times like these where I wish I owned an almost black lipstick, because that would've made a great effect! 

Something a little different for myself and my blog, sharing a look that's a little untraditional for an occasion...mainly as I hate being like the rest of the pack and like to step away from trends so instead of something obvious for this day of love, of course I did the total opposite. 
Let me know what you think and what makeup look you'll be wearing for today? 


  1. Really want to try that Rimmel foundation, your skin looks lovely with it on. I also love that MUA concealer palette! x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  2. That eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous! As does that lipstick on you!!!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. Your flicks are perfect! My makeup look is very simple & natural today as always :)

    xx, marinasirmais

  4. Love the lipstick shade! I really wish we had Makeup Revolution here in the states.. I want to try their Chocolate palettes so badly!


  5. Oh I love this makeup look on you, your flicks are absolutely perfect. Also that lipstick shade! I'll definitely be picking one of those up, they look beautiful.

    Beka. xo

  6. Danielle Gorman-Kiely18 February 2015 at 11:35

    Lovely make up look! That palette looks amazing! Also loving your new blog design!
    Danielle | simplicityrosex.blogspot.com

  7. Gorgeous make up look - wish I could get my eyeliners flicks to go as smoothly as yours! Agree with you about v day too - i've been with my boyf 5 years and we still don't do anything to celebrate it really (apart from maybe eat more than usual!)

    Beth x



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