HAPPY TWO YEARS; Time To See The Stars.


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Happy 2nd Birthday Time To See The Stars: 

This date two years ago, I decided to fully commit to my blog. Posts had previously been written and quickly deleted but as of the 12th Feb 2013 I decided I really wanted to create a blog. Last year when I'd been blogging for a year, I'd only just properly got onto social networks and started to get to know other people, creating a twitter dedicated to my blog and started to chat to others...this time last year I had goals and ideas of how the next year would go, and honestly it's gone totally beyond how I ever thought. So I thought, why not make a post about what I know now compared to back then. 

1) I don't have to blog ALL the time. 
I'm not sure I did this even back then, but theres been time through the years that I've thought I NEED to constantly post, I always need to be on point with every post I create...the truth is, I don't! If I'm feeling too lazy it's okay to go a few days, weeks or months without a post, everyone will be excited once your back. 
2) Follows & Views mean NOTHING. 
Yep, honestly! My following has always been up and down, loosing followers faster than I gain them. My views just the same, and I'll tell you now I'm not sure how to change that. But the more I try, the better I'll feel at the end. I accept I loose people and views but knowing I have those readers who come back makes everything worth while
3) Having recognition is rewarding. 
Even just through a post comment or someone on twitter, just the mention that someone loved a post or I've convinced them to buy or not buy a product it kind of makes me smile! Being reminded that people like my blog or come back to read it constantly is the best thing about my blog
4) It's the BEST way to make new friends 
This I never thought possible, I speak to girls through twitter chats all the time, I constantly go back to peoples blogs and feel like I'm creating a friendship. But with that, I've actually made friends because of my blog...even girls I've been able to meet! Five girls in particular have made this last year of blogging so much more fun, so a quick little thanks to Sam, Sian, Charl, Frankie & Hannah...you girls are pretty AWESOME! 

I've always had a keen interest in photography and the fun I have from my blog I've collected a fair amount of photos over the last 2 years, so obviously I had to share some of my not-so attractive photos and of course two photos of the best girls I've met this year.

I've been working on this post allllll day, I seriously have no idea what to say...but for anyone reading THANK YOU! The followers, the views, comments and every single person who's shown me support has kept this blog going. I've lost my motivation from time to time (even know) but everyone has always helped bring me back up.


  1. Happy 2 year blog birthday :)
    I love to read your blog, I have since I started blogging. You make some very good points in your post which are all very true :)

    Gemma x

  2. Congratulationsssss!! Haven't been following your blog for so long but I'm so excited for you!! xx


  3. Happy birthday beautiful :) look how far you've come!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  4. Happy Birthday TTSTS <3
    I am so pleased I met you! Thank god for blogging :')

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  5. Aw, this is such a lovely post! Congrats on 2 years, your blog is amazing xxxxx

    Eden x / edenroses

  6. You absolute beauty haha I love the photos, congrats on blogging and totally agree gotta let go the followers and views although I am still sad when I lose followers cos I wanna know why xxx

  7. Happy blog birthday, such a achievement! It is so hard though not to focus on views/followers, especially when they go the wrong way!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Happy Blog B-day! You are so sweet on the photos :)


  9. Aw yay happy blog-anniversary :) This is a really fab post, and I have to agree it’s a fab way of meeting and making new friends and makings blogging itself a lot more fun :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  10. I feel like an awful friend by not seeing this sooner. Keep up the hard work babe, it's paying off!


    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel


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