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Top 5 Nude Lips

I've been really flat out BORED when it comes to my blog posts, writing posts but not really being impressed, actually kind of sad when uploading a post...and I know I shouldn't force myself to write but I made a deal with myself that this year I'd improve my blog which means I can't take weekly breaks at a time and should just continue trying. 
While getting ready for work, I was hunting through my makeup collection to try something new. I'm also a little bored with how I've been doing my makeup & being on a spending ban means I can't buy new makeup! I came across some of my lipsticks and realised I'd misplaced a few, so after a quick panic I found them all and oh, inspiration! A top 5 pick of my subtle/nude-ish shades.
Throughout the year, like everyone else I'll become obsessed with one lip shades and just like everyone else in the beauty world I became obsessed with nudes. But recently I'd forgotten the process of remembering my lipsticks so I'm bringing it back and showing you my subtle tones from my lipstick collection...right, I think I'm rambling, so heres my favourite picks.

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Collection // Vintage Rose - £2.99

I was obsessed with this lipstick over the summer. I picked it up after a random swatch search and there was no looking back. A long lasting, plum/neutral toned colour...I think? Well definitely plum toned, so a slightly darker colour compared to nude especially when swatched on my skin, but on the lips create a bolder effect on my lips and helps form definition without being too dark. The formular of this is so smooth, a sheer finish but not too glossy and feels so nice on my lips. I find this perfect for the days I want to wear lipstick but a bold red or dark plum is too over-bearing, this Vintage rose is my all time favourite. 

 photo Makeup Revolution - Keeps the planet spinning.jpg
 photo Makeup Revolution - Keeps the planet spinning  Lips.jpg

Makeup Revolution // Keeps the Planet Spinning - £2.50

When these lip hugs were first introduced to the Makeup Revolution website, I was obsessed...mainly because I was looking for the exact colour for months (along with the 2 others I purchased) I waited a while before making an order but I'm glad I finally did make that purchase. In comparison to the Vintage rose, is a little pinker in colour and less nude, especially when swatched but again once on the lips creates the same kind of effect, creating definition on my lips without the colour being too bold. The formula is a little more sheer and not really as long wearing but all the same one of my favourite shades right now and was actually the product I thought I misplaced, so I'm so glad I found this...and I must stop putting lipsticks in my handbags!?

 photo P.S Love..jpg
 photo P.S Love  Lips.jpg

P.S Love, Primark // Matte Long Lasting Lipstick - £1.50

Sadly I don't have a link or a shade colour for this one, but around mid-October I was watching youtuber Kiera Rose, and her lips had the most gorgeous muted and matte purple lips and I was searching everywhere for a similar colour and while my colours I already owned were almost filling that void I knew I hadn't got the right shade. When I came across this shade I was so happy I found something so similar for such a little price (I almost spent £18 on an almost identical shade)

 photo MAC - Please Me .jpg
 photo MAC - Please Me  Lips.jpg

MAC // Please Me - £15

So this and Pink Plaid were my first nude/pink and MAC purchases and I was so excited but after a while they lost interest to me and joined the collection that I didn't use. Out of all the lipsticks in this post this is the one with the most pink tones, a lot brighter in shade than the rest. But what I like about this is it's perfect for the days where I want some colour on my lips, but just not too much...I've tried over the years to pull off pink lips, soft and bright pink but it's never worked on me and thankfully, I think this one does. It's rather long lasting without being too drying with it's matte finish. I hope to fall back in love with this product and I'm glad I dug it out for this post.

 photo Makeup Revolution - The One.jpg
 photo Makeup Revolution - The One  Lips.jpg

Makeup Revolution // The One - £1 

I think I picked the one lipstick after somone's blog review on this as a dupe for a mac shade (...I just can't remember which one now) and again it's a product I used for a while then forgot about it. From these 5 picks this is the closest nude I own, well okay this is the only nude. I did stop using this after a while as to me it felt like I was just applying some lip gloss, as it's finish is very creamy and it felt very much just like gloss and that being said the lasting of the product was small. Though for £1 I'm glad it's there to hand for those days when I want a colour like this on my lips.

I've been so excited to write this post, and I'm so glad I finally got round to it. I'm also very happy that I've dug out some old favourites and will continue using them throughout this year, especially as we go from winter to spring I think these shades will be perfect!


  1. I love the Collection Vintage Rose colour, so pretty. These are all pretty colours and all a different nude variation. Mac Please Me is gorgeous as well, but I think I'll try the collection one first, more in my price range!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  2. The MAC lipstick is gorgeous! Will definitely have to go swatch that one! X

    Charlotte -

  3. i definitely need to pick up some more nude lipsticks, mac has such lovely ones!

    xx danielle //

  4. Beautiful shades, well done on the primark one! To get the shade you wanted and the same as an £18 one that's some thrifty shopping :)

  5. The collection vintage rose is my all time favourite lipstick , so pretty!

    -Amy x x x

  6. These all look soooo gorgeous!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  7. I think 'Please Me' is my favourite! Such a nice shade :) Lovely swatches!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  8. I love the look of the make up rev one it's a shame about the lasting powder but hey as you said its a pound! my make up collection has depleted SO much after a clear out the only one I wear is bourjois xxx

  9. Wish I could pull off nude shades, these all look sp pretty
    on you x

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  10. Kissable Lips and it's so glossy ! you make me jealous, thanks for posting i love it! :)
    xoxo | Jennalyn
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  11. Well Please Me is a tiny bit amazing, added that to my wish list!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty


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