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Witch Skin Care - Overnight Clearing Serum 

|| Overnight Clearing Serum - £5.99* ||
Having quiet sensitive skin, I'm not always one to get along with skin care...I don't have your average skin care routine (morning or night) just because sometimes I can be lazy and other times, well the products will sometimes cause breakout rather than prevent them, I know, I know, that doesn't make much sense but it's the way my skin has been for years now!

A few weeks ago now, I received this little package from Witch. I mean how adorable is my eye mask (which is working wonders to help me sleep btw). But I'm reviewing the serum not the mask. Once all makeup is removed and if any other products I remember to apply, normally an extra clean of my makeup with Lush toner, I then apply this overnight clearing serum. The point of this? You basically apply this serum and leave to soak into your skin while you sleep, wake up in the morning with clearer and better feeling skin...and then you can continue with your normal routine. Since using this (sometimes due to late working nights, I'll skip days) but I've noticed little change in my skin. Honestly, my skin feels refreshed thanks to this and even during application I feel great for just trying to make a difference to my skin but like most other products, sometimes this works wonders and  my skin feels great because of it and other times, like recently the serum hasn't made an effect to any current spots, though thankfully no break outs have happened as yet! 

Basically, my opinion of this product is still a little confused but that's normal for me...products like this are always up and down for me, so I wouldn't want this to be a reason to put people off. It varies on my reaction to this product but that hasn't stopped me from continuing to use this product. 


  1. Sleep masks are great except that they make me sleep too much! Amy

  2. I totally think with products like this it's so personal but you have to try to see, my spots are very stubborn! I love the eye mask too so cute haha I don't think I could sleep without one xxx

  3. Up until now I haven't used skin-care products but I'm way overdue to start - my skin has been getting both very dry and less clear this winter. The Overnight Clearing Serum and Sarah eye mask look like they would be very helpful.


  4. Haha, I'd love for that to be the way with me! Though I do love serum!

    sarah xo

  5. Oh definitely, I never know if a product will work with my skin...I just hope for the best half the time haha. Oh I'm totally in love with the eye mask, it's exceptionally amazing during the day time when I need sleep before my night shifts haha

    sarah xo


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