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Topshop - Beauty Sale.

Any excuse to go shopping, I'll take it! For my 21st birthday (almost 11 months ago now) I was given two gift vouchers to shops including Topshop, I kept hold of these until I found products I reallyyyy wanted! My first card, I used to get my hands on a dress during the summer but soon stopped wearing and was instantly disappointed!...Maybe by this summer I can fix the dress and wear it more often.

Anyway, I'm rambling on. Last week I went to Topshop to finally use my card...I had my heart on purchasing some lipsticks, Sashay Away & Boardroom both stunning nude and dark lips but when I'd gone into store to swatch I just wasn't amazed! But on my search I found a few pieces of their beauty range which were in the sale, so instead I picked those up. And for less than £3 on each product, well I'm happy I picked these up. 

The first product I picked up was the cheeks & lip duo, the colours are such a subtle and light tinted pink and red which I think are perfect for almost every skin tone. I'm always wanting to pick up new colours for my skin, especially my cheeks as I don't think I've found the right match for me. Just like the colour shown in the palette, the payoff is rather light too...not that I complain, I'm really excited by the fact that the colour is red but I don't look like I'm red in the face of blushing like crazy and yes I'll be honest sometimes once I apply bronzer or highlight on my cheek I suddenly feel as though my cheeks are so bright and noticeable.I then picked up the Grunge stick, a green shade with hint of silver and glitter. I will be honest, not something I'd call grunge...maybe without the silver and possibly a little more brown/golden tones and I'd totally agree. It wasn't until I used this a little more that I then noticed the fact theres a small section of the pencil which has black colouring, which helps with the grunge look. This stick is perfect for the corners and crease of my eyes and using a shadow brush to blend out. Very similar to the grunge stick, I also picked up three pencils. All of different colours but all obviously full of shimmer and glistening colours. The staying power and colour pay off of these are so bright and long lasting, something I didn't expect. I haven't actually found much use for these pencils just yet but I can't wait to use them so much more. And finally I picked up this lip paint, the packaging looks just like a lip gloss, applies pretty much the same...but they staying power is nothing like it. I can wear this for a few hours and still have the resembling of the colour on my lips, products like this are perfect for my shifts at work, when I'll be too busy to even think about my makeup but I want to look just as nice at the end than I did when I signed in.

Along with these beauty pieces, I also picked up a tangle teezer after months/years of lusting. I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of these products, I know Topshop for both clothes and beauty has been a favourite for so many people, but I've always struggled to stay in love with the store...I'll have you know, my thoughts on their makeup has definitely improved my opinion.


  1. Some really great picks! I love topshop make up, I'm pretty sure those are the exact two I was going to get but was a little disapointed and I ended up getting partition which is a gorgeous pinky red ( you can see it here: ) x ( and yes tangle teezers ARE THE DREAM!)

  2. Such a lovely products :) I've never tried Topshop makeup seems really great.

  3. I still need to try out TopShop make up, feel like I am really missing out :')

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  4. I'm excited to try some more TOPSHOP products! Especially the glow pot highlighters!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  5. I love TOPSHOP make up!
    Think I'm going to have to do a bit of internet browsing after ready this!

    Great post :)
    Leanne xx

  6. I need to get myself some more Topshop make-up. Maybe my Vegas trip? Or when we go to Nottingham?! Definitely see my own little haul coming on!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  7. such a good deal for less than £3 a product! I will be going to look at these grundge sticks soon! :)

  8. These look so good! I love the packaging of the pencils. I'm going to have to try the lip paint if the staying power is really that amazing wow!

  9. That blush duo is amazing! I always forget to look at Topshop make up, but definitely going to now. Also loving the eyeshadow sticks x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog


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