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Concealer Palette; Makeup Revolution

|| concealer palette - £6 || 

If you read my disappointing review on the MUA concealer palette. Basically, it worked for the basics but wasn't best for me. So a few weeks I FINALLY got my hands on the Make Up Revolution concealer palette. Something I'd been eyeing up for what felt like forever. I never seemed to have enough money to put through an online order, so forever waited until I found it in store and when I did there was no letting go of the know just incase someone tried to pinch it off me?

I purchased the LIGHT palette, so all shades are practically similar to my own skin tones. I would've tested the medium/darker shades more for contouring but me being me chickened out and wasn't sure if it would work out well enough for me and my funds just couldn't justify spending money on a product that I wouldn't use. My one issue with my MUA palette was they hit pan pretty quickly, and while these certainly lasted a little while longer it's been used just over a month and I'm hitting pan on most of the shades now...not entirely the biggest problem in the world, just a tad irritating as I'll run out of my most used before the rest (but that's just a little too obvious isn't it?). Because of this I tend to focus my attention testing out all EIGHT shades. Using the lightest of the days my face needs a little lift and the darker shades on those days when I want a little, more like the tiniest amount of definition. Works wonders for just those reasons alone, but not just that, it does exact what it's  meant to and that's conceal blemishes and lately that the only reason I've been using this. As I've been extremely busy as of lately, using this daily for the extra coverage isn't possible so using just the one shade, I'll pop in the areas most needed [which is usually under my eyes and any spots] and simple, I'm done for the day. Primer, foundation and this product means I do have coverage throughout the day...this alone I couldn't tell you how long it lasts but for me it seems to last the length I need it and well that's good enough to me!

I'm on a serious need of a binge spend with Makeup Revolution soon, especially since it's payday weekend what better way to celebrate than make a big makeup any suggestions, please send those my way.



  1. Makeup Revolution have so many amazing products i have kept eyeing this up but never bought it for some reason, if you haven't already tried their Lip Hugs then you must they are gorgeous lipsticks and really cheap! I have just posted my Top 5 Concealers if you did want to try something different :) x
    Emma |

  2. Oooo this sounds lovely! Makeup Revolution is so affordable!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I didn't even realise they made this! I hope they bring one out with greens in x

  4. lovely palette x


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