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Life Lately 

Happy Easter Sunday my lovelies! Well this feels nice, my first day off this week and I decided I wanted to share with you all a little update on my life, because, well why not ey? It feels like forever ago since I sat down and wrote and even felt like I was talking to someone through my blog, so I hope you're all doing well?

I'm not too sure how caught up on my life you may be, so I'll start back at the beginning of February, where I started a new job, a second job. So while I've managed two months of posts every other between times I've either been working one or the other job or flat out asleep. So far so good on the job front, both are definitely around while I find my feet before going into a more long term graduate job, well I feel that's the plan right now anyway! Other than that February has been a little bit of blur, but March saw some absolutely lovely plans and I couldn't be more happy to have done the things I've done. I started the month meeting some of my lovely blogger girls and dear gosh, I hope we make more arrangements some time soon, please girls? But you can read all about my spends on that day (here). Soon after that my birthday quickly approached and I was totally un-prepared to celebrate, but I tried as best I could. With my family, closest friend and my boyfriend. Though some plans didn't completely work out, I guess it'll be the way I'll remember my 22nd birthday. You can see what I got for my birthday (here) and I also spent my 22nd Birthday at the FRIENDS Central Perk cafe in Liverpool, which you can read about (here). Just a few days after my birthday it was time to celebrate Tom's too, which still makes our birthdays feel so special to me! Then came the yearly dance show at my dance school, I've been there for around 16 years now and each year the love for them grows that little bit more, I get to closer to them and meet new people and spending that time with them and sharing those nervous and exciting moments on stage is something I'll always love. Even the moments when we fail and succeed in our dances. 

And now we're into April and I've already had a hectic weekend at work already but I've also had a lovely weekend at work, crazy I know. Along with that I've had a belated birthday present to see Disney on Ice, which just makes me feel like the biggest kid but I had fun so I'm not complaining at all! 
I hope you're all having a lovely easter sunday and being as lazy as possible. And for those who're lucky enough to spent tomorrow's Bank Holiday Monday doing something fun, enjoy yourself while I'm at work, okay...enjoy! 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! It sounds as though you have had a really nice week, hope your having a lovely Easter Sunday :) xx

  2. Hannah Cornish5 April 2015 at 18:30

    Balancing 2 jobs sounds crazy! But hopefully well worth it in the end :) Disney on ice is so good isn't it?! I saw it years ago but loved it! Haha

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  3. Great post =]


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