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MAC Cinderella - Stroke of Midnight Shadows. 

|| stroke of midnight x6 palette - £38 ||

You may or may not have noticed I've recently taken a little step back from my blog, mainly because work took over and in my spare time I wanted to fill out my PROJECT LIFE scrapbook. I know I'm living the life of someone almost double my age...but I'm having so much fun. So yesterday I decided it was time to kick myself up the butt and get my blogging game back to the point it was. For work lately I've been keeping minimal, mainly the base and a touch of mascara...something I never thought I'd do now I'm so into my makeup. With yesterday being a day off, I dug out all my GOOD makeup and had a play around. I felt like the MAC cinderella palette had sat in my makeup drawers and gathered dust...lets be honest I received it three weeks ago, used it a couple of times and it stayed in my the drawer for a little while. It hadn't gathered dust at all, it was still practically brand new! The morning of this collection launch, I was up and waiting to make my purchase, quickly sent through my money before waiting only -two days maybe- before the product arrived at my door. Sadly from the 10th March, I had to hand the product over to my boyfriend and wait until the 23rd to get it back as my BIRTHDAY present. My boyfriend doesn't shop online and me purchasing it on the collection day meant I definitely got the eyeshadows I wanted, it's not weird okay?

I'm seriously in love with this palette. I'm also seriously in love with the cinderella film, so this goes hand in hand nicely for any DISNEY fan. 4 shimmers and 2 matte shades, this works well for girls who like both a subtle look and a girl like me who loves the smokey eye. The colours from top to bottom are - VAPOUR - PHLOOF - OMEGA - QUARRY - SATIN TAUPE - STROKE OF MIDNIGHT - and I ADORE each and every shade. Omega is the green toned shade, something I wouldn't naturally choose but within this works so so well. If you've been reading my blog for a while you may be aware of my smokey eye love and my deep colours, so you'll understand my love for this. Of the six, I can't say I have one have my TOP FOUR: Phloof, Quarry, Satin Taupe & Stroke of Midnight will definitely become go-to shades. Phloof has this amazing highlight and glitter effect which really brightens up the corners of my eyes, while Stroke of midnight is the perfect glittery shade of the crease of my eye...also black with purple tones & lots and lots of glitter, bonus!  I'm sure you're all aware that of these six shades only Stroke of Midnight was new and made for this collection whereas each other can be purchased individually. Being as I'm just starting a MAC shadows collection this was perfect for me and honestly can see myself using all these shades until they're unusable anymore...[I want to slap myself for not taking my photos of this product before I started using it too, as I slightly water damaged some of them].

Anyone else pruchased this palette when this collection launched? Are you just as much in love and have you seen the film, I'm sure you're in love with the film too aren't you?


  1. what a beautiful makeup look! this palette is so gorgeous and its definitely on my MAC whishlist :)

    Georgia | Georgia Nicolaou Blog

  2. Love the way you did the smokey eyeliner with these eyeshadows, the paler shades look gorgeous x
    Emma |

  3. That's one pretty palate, love the look you created! The shades all go so great together, it makes the palate so versatile!

    Sarah :)

    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. So gutted I didn't get anything from this collection! The shades look lovely on xx

  5. I wanted to check out this palette in store but apparently the whole collection sold out in 20 mins! Crazy jealous you managed to get this. It looks lovely too.


  6. Love =] you look so pretty

  7. I love the look you created! It looks so pretty :)

  8. such a pretty palette, you look great! x

    cat // je suis cat

  9. WELL! Don't you just looking bloomin' beautiful!!! So glad you got this palette, I actually think it was made for you!!!

    Francesca xoxoxoxoxox // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel

  10. Ahhhhh you look so pretttttyyyy!! I agree with Frankie below, this was made for you.

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  11. Your eyeshadow and mascara look beautiful! Your hair looks beautiful as well. You're very pretty.


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