MAC Cinderella; When I Won A Giveaway.


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MAC Cinderella - Lipstick & Powder. 

My blog certainly has gone very Mac crazy lately, not only because I've become a girl who's been able to treat myself a few times...I've also been very fortunate to be gifted a few items one way or another. My most recent MAC post is just, here. And I have very many to come to Time To See The Stars in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out! And today is just that little more exciting for me to write about. What only feels like a few days ago still, was actually just a couple of weeks ago now, I was having a tough week; feeling ill, miserable and generally busy with working, I was certainly close to my usual little break down (which means curling in bed watching Netflix)...but one morning 2 hours before I started what was going to be a tough shift at work, I checked my instagram to find out I'd WON this beautiful set of goodies. Now, let's be honest winning any giveaway makes a person happy, but I'd won two beautiful goodies from the MAC CINDERELLA collection.

I'd certainly cheered up at this point and all this wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for the beautiful Stephanie, who ran this amazing giveaway on her beautiful instagram. Just a few days before the giveaway was announced the Collection was live of sale in the UK, so I'd made one purchase and very nearly purchased both of these items and decided against it. That being said, I couldn't be more excited that I won the products in this giveaway as the colouring of them both is BEAUTIFUL. Both just add the right subtle amount of colour to your makeup and perfect for those girls who like something very simple and minimalistic, but who are also drawn to glitter too. The lipstick I recieved was the LUSTRE LIPSTICK in ROYAL BALL. My one worry about these lipstick was the lack of colour, but now I've got the product in my hands, well its just perfect. While it looks like a nude colouring, the pigmentation of this lipstick gives off the slightest hint of both pink and nude with what I can only describe as little specs of glitter. I didn't realise how much I'd fall in love with this product and I can't wait to start wearing this more often. Matching almost perfectly with the lipstick is the IRIDESCENT POWDER/PRESSED in COUPE D'CHIC, another product I looked at before the collection release and decided against...but once this got to my door, I've been using this on my cheeks ever since. As it doesn't give off too much pigments, this is the type of product I need for my everyday wear, though myself included, glitter pay off is sometimes just a little too much when it comes to a monday morning? You can probably see from the swatches above exactly what I mean, such pretty and sparkly colours, just not exactly the most amazing pay off.

I'm still so excited and still extremely grateful to Stephanie for this giveaway and the fact that I won makes me feel so happy, just what everyone needs on a miserable weekend. I can't wait to start getting these products used more with my makeup as a whole and in the future have these used in many makeup looks to come, maybe even a cinderella inspired post, oooh now that'll be coming soon!

Hope you're all well, I'm off to work now. Bye x


  1. Gabriƫlle La Croix8 April 2015 at 12:01

    It looks so beautiful!

  2. This make up is so beautiful - even the packaging is stunning! I also love the little Cinderella tsum tsum!


  3. Ohhh now I need that lipstick! Well done you for winning :)
    Geek Gets Glam

  4. I got this lipstick and powder, i have to say i was disappointed with the lipstick but the powder is lovely x

  5. These are both so pretty and these two things were what I wanted to pick up from the collection.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. Dino's Beauty Diary8 April 2015 at 19:57

    You have no idea how jealous I am of this girl! You're so lucky haha, congrats for winning! xo

    Emma-Louise | Dino's Beauty Diary

  7. Wow congrats, still love this collection =]

  8. So jealous of this!! I reealllllly want the lipstick!

    Hollie | |

  9. Wow, so lovely :)

    Be the first one to try skincare app

  10. Well done on thiswin x


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