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Prairie Charms || Trying Something New 

 || floral crown £30 || limited edition necklace £18 ||
|| nail glitter £6.50* || hair ties £12* || 

Please tell me I'm not alone when it comes to being stuck in a rut? Doing the same old things, day in and day out...That's my feelings about everything in my life lately, and that even includes my accessories. I've not always been the biggest accessory person wearing them only when I feel they match my outfit or I'm feeling adventurous enough. So when PRAIRIE CHARMS got in touch with me about there products I jumped straight onto their website and noticed how everything was slightly out of my comfort zone and for once I didn't fear or hold back. I picked two products and made my purchase, with my purchases Prairie Charms also sent me two goodies too. And I'll be honest with you now, everything is entirely new to me! I've eyed up floral crowns for years and thought that wouldn't suit me, the necklace is something I've always wanted to buy and just didn't. The hair ties have always looked so cute I've just never picked any up and the glitter for my nails has always worried me slightly (not in I'm scared of it, more I don't know how well it'll work out for me). I didn't think it would excite me as much as it did, but the day these came to my door I ripped up the packaging and completely fell in love with EVERYTHING.

This inspired this blog post, breaking comfort zones is difficult but trying something new is completely rewarding. Especially when it's something you didn't realise you needed. And I bet you're wondering how jewellery and headwear can actually be anything to trying something new, right? Well, it's just starting small. Ever sit and think, oh I wish I could do, oh but that wouldn't suit me, that's just not me. And that's exactly how I felt when it came to this, but I did it, I bit the bullet and made me orders. I waited patiently for my items to arrive, tried them on and didn't realise how well these things (I'd been so worried by previously) suited me. People are always encouraging me to 'just try something new' and if you're anything like me, this worries me. I can't do new things until I'M entirely ready and then I normally realise the worry and stress was over nothing and I should've tried it when I first wanted too. But it's all about going at your own pace, working up you're own courage and feeling comfortable in trying new things. I've always needed to go at my own pace, and while in some curcumstance I can feel pressured by others, but nerves take the better and once I'm completely calm that's when I'll make that decision to try things. I guess this post is all about thinking about and for yourself, don't worry what other people think and do what feels right when you feel it's right. This could be anything that's happening in your life, this sometimes can be a daily worry for me, breaking those boundaries of my comfort zone is a constant battle, but I go with my own pace and for that I end up feeling more comfortable in the things I'm trying...also, well just look how adorable all these pieces are, I can't wait to wear everything on a more regular basis throughout summer!

*Amazingly Prairie Charms offered me 25% discount for making my purchases and also some of the price of the purchase went towards the charity Make A Wish Foundation. So all in all pretty fantastic company over there*


  1. the flower crown and the necklace are so nice *-*

  2. These are all so cute =]

  3. Dino's Beauty Diary17 April 2015 at 08:58

    I really wish I'd gone for a floral crown, they're so adorable! xo

    Emma-Louise | Dino's Beauty Diary

  4. That necklace is so pretty, the colour is perfect for this time of year :) x

  5. Everything is so pretty and I just love that headband and the necklace.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. You got some beautiful pieces. I adore my silk headband.

    Jenn |


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