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Woo, guess who finally made her first beauty box subscription. That's right, I did! I've been wanting to find the right one for me for years and most of the time I've never had the money to make the commitment. But this month, I did and I just couldn't stop myself making the order. Now I'm sure you're all clued up on how they work, and if you're not...well, you chose the subscription you want. You can either pay for a year, 6 months or simply just for that month alone. EASY! You fill in a beauty profile and Birchbox does the rest. Obviously many of the samples are what everybody receive that month, but one or two are specific to you're profile needs. 
And this month this is what I got: 

PARLOR: Sea Salt Spray // £17 
I honestly feel saddened to say I tried this product and just didn't like it! The scent, I found weird...I want to say it smelt like apples, but then it's said to be peaches and freshly-cut grass, erm nope! And it didn't give my hair the texture I thought it would. The sample bottle size, is something I'm not surprised's the perfect sample size. However the product is worth £17 and is said to add texture and nourish my hair and I just didn't feel it did either of those things. I feel really guilty for feeling this way, especially as this is highlighted as the BIRCHBOX EXCLUSIVE! 

CAUDALIE: Tinted Moisturiser // £27 
I like this product. I really do! I haven't used it religiously since it arrived at my door, but I've tried and tested tinted moisturisers before and while not all worked with my skin (one gave me a rash before, ew). This one worked nicely, an coverage which evened out my skin tones, which I didn't realise till recently was different, hmm!

NUDE: Omega Treatment Oil // £58 
I haven't had the chance to test this product out just yet. I've had a busy couple of weeks lately & an extremely busy one just potentially using this soon might be the best idea for me. Sadly, I find the sample size, TINY! So I'm not too sure how it'll work and how many times I'll use it before it runs out. But time will tell & we'll see. 

WAH LONDON!: Nail Polish // £7 
I like this colour and oddly I like the bottle too! I haven't had the chance to use the polish just yet, as I'm not too sure work would allow the bold colour...and I'm not about cleaning it off the night before, I leave a polish on till it just chips away, gross I know! 

Stila: Lip Glaze // £15 
So, when I first opened this birchbox, I saw the Stila product first and got all excited about it. But sadly I'm so disappointed. I know, I know, HOW?! Well, basically I'm not a fan of lip gloss...seriously, hate it! This product is just way too sticky, feels extremely thick on my lips and just doesn't feel comfortable.  Overall, I'm just not a fan! 

Liz Earle Beauty CO: Hot Cloth & Cleanser // £15.50
I've not always used or been a fan of skincare. Normally because the products I use either leave my skin feeling worse or causing a break out, so I've always steer clear. From time to time I want to try new products and I guess this will be one of those products. I haven't had the chance to use this just yet but I am looking forward to giving this a try! I always find the size adorable and I love how it came with a muslim cloth to use with it. 

Number 4: Reconstructing Masque // £36 
My hair is always in need of some treatment. I feel as thought my hair has been in terrible condition for the past few years. Everything I try doesn't exactly work. At the moment, I have a few bright colours in my hair...I'm going to wear this colour away before going back to the boring shade of my natural colour. I think then I'll give this little sachet a chance. 

And thats everything! Overall, my feelings are mixed. Sounds sad I know, I purchased my first subscription box and I'm just not in love with it. It won't stop me from purchasing a few more...the thought of receiving a few products each month does make life that little more manageable on those difficult days. And to receive 5-7 products in a little box for only £12.95 and the real prices of the products being so much higher well that's pretty great really isn't it! 



  1. I hate the Stila Lip Gloss - I actually brought one off Birchbox a few months ago - big mistake! Lovely post babe :)

    Charli |

    1. I like knowing I'm not alone on this haha. Oh no, sounds like a big mistake!!
      Aw thanks babe :)

      Sarah xo

  2. I keep wondering about signing up to these boxes - everyone seems to have gone in for them! I do love Liz Earle products :) Sophie xx

    1. I may see how well the June box goes...because I wasn't entirely in love with this months box. But I guess that's the beauty of the boxes, the possibility to fall in love with everything that arrives at your door!

      sarah xo

  3. I'm in the same boat when it comes to these boxes! I keep an eye on blogs and sometimes think about buying one when everyone seems super happy with the box. It's quite a lot of money to waste if you don't like any of the products though!

    Rachael at

    1. I'm glad I finally made the decision to try the box out. I wasn't overly in love with what was in the box but for the price I paid I did get some products which were double in price!

      sarah xo

  4. Oooo, amazing, I keep meaning to sign up to a beauty box but can never decide, I need an infinite amount of money so I can get them all lol. I love Stila products but really dislike the lip glosses too, not my cup of tea at all.
    Fab post.

    Sarah x

    1. Couldn't agree more, I need enough money to have all the boxes too!
      I'm so glad it's not just me that feels that way, totally not my thing!

      Sarah xo

  5. Thanks for sending me your link via twitter. Great review! love this post would be great if you could check out my latest post too. xxxx


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