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See The Stars - Lilash Serum
See The Stars - Lilash Serum
See The Stars - Lilash Serum
See The Stars - Lilash Serum

Lilash Serum: Review 

|| lilash & librow demi serum - £53.93* ||

Well, well, well, it's been some time since I wanted to post this. Laziest blogger award goes to, ME! As I'm sure you've seen lilash around the blogosphere. Simply, the serum is applied to your lash or brow line and after 12 weeks hair lengths and grows. I recieved both the Lilash and Librow to use, however, I only used the Lilash serum. Mainly because my brows are bushy enough as it is and I didn't want them to double in size, but personally I've heard good things from others that have used it. 

Back in February Lilash gave me the opportunity to trial their product for my blog. But, I'll put my hands up now and admit that I've struggled to use this daily as I should've. But the procedure for this product is easy, before applying any other products to your face/eyes, simply, using the brush from the tube and stroke this across my eye lid, just a little above my lash line. So the product can soak into your skin and help with growth. As already admitted I didn't use this daily as suggested, which is one (of a few reasons) why it's taken me a little while longer for this post to be written. Though I wanted to give it fair chance to show you (and myself) the difference and just looking at the photos above, theres such a difference in length just imagine how amazingly long my lashed would be if I'd actually used it regularly. 
Now here's the confusing part, the complicate bit...while I'm amazed at the change in length and even thickness, my lashes just don't feel too amazing either. However, this may have nothing to do with Lilash, just that my lashes have recently become very weak. 

A short but sweet review I know. Overall, I'll continue to use this product as I still have some left. If I see a noticeable change in my lashes in the next coming weeks, I shall do a little update post for you ladies and gents. 
*I was sent this in review for a blog post, all thoughts are 100% my own* 



  1. You can see a difference in your lashes! Fab lil review :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. Not too much though haha, thank youuu :))

      Sarah xo


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