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Clubmaster Glasses: Specs Post  

// 'Sankeys' original clubmaster glasses* - £30 // 

Hand's up if you're partially sighted? Hand's up if you LOVE getting new glasses! Just me? As sad as it sounds my favourite thing about my eye sight being so shit, is that almost each year I get new glasses, high five to my sight deteriorating each and every year! A couple weeks ago now, I received these new glasses. I've waiting a couple weeks to get used to them before sharing them with you all. 

I tested these along with a few others has part of a home trial thanks to Specs Post, something I did a few months previous with the company too (post, here). I love the concept of home trials, it makes life so much easier for everyone. Don't have the time to pick up new glasses from the local opticians, order some online. Life too busy to take that time out to go pick them up, have them sent to your door. It's honestly perfect. Though I do prefer more choice from the opticians but sometimes I struggle to get out the house and take a trip to pick up my new lens. Personally I love the style of these frames, still trying to get used to them on me. As I think that with them being a red frame, sometimes the colour and the semi-rimless washes me out a little...but then again I've been wearing thick framed black glasses for over 2 years, it was always going to take some time to get used to new ones. I wanted to share these with you because finding new glasses can be difficult, knowing which ones are going to suit you. And I'm saying this because my choice of glasses just don't suit my face shape. Everyone wants the perfect glasses for them, especially when they plan to wear for them for as long as they possibly can. In fact my Ray-ban glasses lasted almost 2 years, until I've weirdly bent the arm on my frames...I'll miss those glasses but I guess I've been lucky as I'd just recently had this pretty pair come to my door. 

Are you on the hunt for new glasses? I recommend that you take a look at Specs Post, many bloggers are involved with specs post and it's nice to see a company work so well within the blogging community, so if you're a blogger and need new glasses, Spec's Post is the most welcoming place to be. 
*I was kindly sent these glasses in return for a review. However, all views and opinions are 100% my own* 


  1. Those glasses are lovely. I really like the colour! If my eyes start to deteriorate I'll be so excited for the glasses shopping!

    Rachael at

    1. It's still taking some time to get used to these glasses if I'm completely honest, but I do love them all the same!
      Strangely the most satisifing part of being told my eye deteriorate at each eye check up, is the fact I get to pick a new pair of glasses, I have a whole stash of old pairs somewhere ha

      Sarah xo

  2. I don't wear glasses, but I know if i did... these would be right up my street :) x

    1. It's so comforting that they create such stylish glasses, it's one of the pros to needing them haha

      Sarah xo


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