BEAUTY || Eyeshadow; Palettes Perfect For Travel


BEAUTY || Eyeshadows: Palettes Perfect For Travel

Hello my lovelies & happy Tuesday,

I'm going away in just under 2 weeks, we may only be going to Cornwall but it's a holiday all the same. I still need to plan and pack what I'm taking away with me and with those thoughts comes my makeup. The last time I went away on holiday my makeup collection was almost non-exsistent. 4 years ago was my last BIG holiday where I didn't need to wear makeup and since then I've taken weekends away to visit family in Scotland where my makeup bag including foundation, eyeliner and mascara. Since then my collection has grown and grown. And since I'm going on a family holiday I've been given Nan has told me ONE suitcase and not much else as she's driving the car with all our belongings, so my biggest worry is...WHAT MAKEUP DO I TAKE WITH ME?
And while I'm deciding what I do and don't need I thought I'd put the decision to my blog and write the pros and cons to each of the 'smaller' travel sized palettes I own.

E.L.F - Little Black Beauty Book || £3.99

Now it's possible, I've forgotten the price of this product but taken a guess at around £4. I picked this up last summer from TK Maxx and since then E.L.F is no longer available. So I do feel incredibly guilty for adding this to my post without being able to give you a link. However, this is a high contender for coming on holiday with me. Since I've been buying more palettes recently this kind of became a forgotten product. Thankfully I dug it out for this post and I know it's going to make it's way back to my routine soon enough. This is the WARM EDITION, and have a huge variety of my current go-to shades, 48 shades in total!? I do remember some shades having next to none pigmentation which I found difficult to work with but my opinions may have changed in the space of a year and I may fall completely in love with this product all over again. 
I did a little review of this palette last year, here

MAC - Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Palette || £38

Another palette which I can't link you back too, but this was a limited edition product which I lucky got my hands on for my birthday!? I'm obsessed with this palette and adore each colour, though you can possibly notice my most loved ones. If you love these shades, each except the dark/purple shade are available to purchase through MAC. Some have a higher pigment to others, and I find that I create the same smokey eye look with this palette each time. So while, I'm in love with these colours sometimes I like variety in my makeup and I couldn't cope with the same smokey for 7 days straight, though because it's so small I may pack it in my bag for an evening makeup look, y'know just incase we go somewhere fancy for a meal.
I also wrote a post on this palette, here.

Makeup Revolution - Iconic 2 || £4

NOW, THIS, JUST, YES! I own Iconic 1-3 and this Iconic 2 is my FAV! You can possibly notice a theme within the shades here. All these palettes include warm & brown tones, but that's all I really need to create a simple makeup look. It's either boarder-line neutral or smokey eye for me and not much in between, so any palette with these shades work perfectly for me. So this palette was the last of the 3 iconics I picked up and now possibly the most used. I can make such a wide range of looks just from these 12 shades. I think all shades are shimmer, expect 3 which are mattes but I can use them all together and they work perfectly. I can create neutral looks using just the browns but then can instantly create a smoke eye by adding the darkest shades to the crease, yep, perfect. This is possible the largest palette in this post but the one that's more than likely going to be coming with me. 
Review post of this palette, here.

Collection - Nude Grey Palette || £2.99
This is one of the newest additions to my collection and it certainly had a warm welcome. I find this very similar to my iconic shades, just condensed down, as though collection has noticed the most popular warm tone shades and put them altogether in one palette. I'm not complaining at all. This is still new to my collection and while I love in, I'm still falling IN love with it, so it's not very a big favourite. I find some of the shades a little too difficult to work with, as though I can't get any colour from some of the shades, especially the lighter shades. Again another mix with shimmers and mattes. The end shades being matte and the rest being shimmers, I always find this mix works well and let's me experiment as mattes aren't always my best friend for eyeshadows. 
I recently wrote a review on this palette, here

Models Own - Duo Shadows || N/A || POP - Trio Shadows || £15.50

Oh now it's finally time for the babies of the palettes, the DUO & TRIO palettes. I got both of these on separate ocassions. The Models Own Duo came as part of a goodie bag back in 2013 when I was at the Clothes Show and it's been this handy little item I've used since, sadly I can't find it online. So I'm not sure it's a sampler size of a full size product? I use this one regularly, it's perfect for a little definition to my eyes without using so many colours. It's simple the lightest shades goes on the base and the dark on I use in the crease of my lid. Now this without a doubt will be going into my makeup bag as its TINY! 
The POP is the newest addition and recently came in the post as part of my BIRCHBOX in July. I completely fell in love with the colours as soon as I saw the palette and new this would be perfect for me and instantly thought of it working with my duo palette...but IT DOES NOT! I just can't work with the shades. I still love the colours but they just wash me out, me and orange just don't work and that's the outcome I've had every time I've used this palette. So while it's still in my top makeup drawer it's not currently being used, which I find very sad. 

And there you have it, the perfect sized palettes to pop into your makeup bags for holidays. I thought it post would help me narrow down which ones I'd use instead I think I'm still at the conclusion that I'll probably make this a 5 minutes before we leave decision!! Thankfully I still have a little time to use this a little bit more and test out which ones I know would give me more options while I'm away from my huge makeup drawers. 
Though if anyone has any suggestions or which palette they love more out of this selection, I'd love some help with deciding! 



  1. The ELF Website in the UK will be back up by the end of the summer :) Love the Makeup Rev palettes for travelling x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. I'll keep these in mind since I'm going on a short road trip in a few weeks myself. I do have the collection one so I'll add it to my packing list.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  3. So many pretty palettes! The ELF one looks great as it's got so many colours! x

    TR's Thoughts

  4. The collection palette is one I take everywhere with me and I love it so much!! It's such good value for money and I even have the other shades available!

  5. I love the packaging of the Models Own palette.
    I 100% agree with the Cinderella palette being perfect for travel, I love it!
    Leanne xx

  6. I love the colours in the Cinderella palette but it was so expensive! It's a lovely size though!

    Rachael at

  7. I love the look of the Cinderella palette, all the shadows are so pretty! xx
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  8. My favourite would probably be the Collection palette as it's got a decent mix of shades in it without being too bulky. I have the Nude Bronze one and I love it. Last time I went away I took my UD Naked Basics palette with me which was perfect xx

  9. That Cinderella palette is gorgeous <3 <3 <3 I wish I had grabbed it when I had the chance! Hopefully they release a palette for Belle---keeping my fingers crossed!
    She Will Be

  10. that collection palette looks pretty! x

  11. The MAC Cinderella palette looks so nice, the shades are just gorgeous.
    Makeup revolution always do great eyeshadows, I have the Iconic 3 palette which is such great value for money!


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