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Monthly Movie Review || JUNE. 

This new series may require a little back story, if you aren't aware one of my part time jobs includes working at a cinema. So as you can imagine I need to watch the films to know what the films are about, I've been working there for a few months now and it wasn't until this month where I've really taken advantage of this, and suddenly I was inspired to write a series, and Monthly Movie Review is born. Every month I'll give a little insight and review to the films I've been watching and the films you should've seen or should've missed.

I feel as though I've watch so many more films but it looks as though I've not watched too many, between both jobs, seeing friends & Tom and having time to sleep, I don't get too much free time where I want to spend it at the cinema but I'll be honest I've been way too happy to invite people to watch film coming out soon, Magic Mike is one I'll be taking a few friends to watch it! 

I ADORE Melissa McCarthy. Literally, love her! If you aren't aware she was in Gilmore Girls from 2000-2007 and when I got obsessed with the TV show she was almost my favourite characters and when she suddenly became more popular through films I was so happy for her. Spy, is a spoof to action Spy films, think James Bond. My initial thoughts to this film was that the spoof was going to be over the top and it wasn't going to be that good, I know I said it! But it was HILARIOUS. It concentrates on the funny elements to spy/action films but it shows Melissa's character actually being a good spy too, which I wasn't expecting. She becomes the undercover spy and saves the day, with the help of hilarious Miranda Hart and the disapproval of Jason Statham. There was enough comedy and action for everyone to enjoy. 
Mr Holmes. 
Not my first choice of a film, my dad isn't the biggest film go-er or that interested in going to the cinemas. But he love's classics & detective based stories and as soon as I saw Mr Holmes, well I knew I HAD to take him. And we LOVE it. It follows Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) in his old and unwell age, writing one of his classic stories (which Watson usually wrote for him), he begins to loose his memory and struggles to remember what happened. He begins to form a friendship with his housekeepers young son who helps him along the way. It had such a lovely element to this film, but kept true to any Sherlock Holmes story.  
Jurassic World. 
NOW, this film was another film I went to watch out of the kindness of my heart. As a child I was PETRIFIED of Jurassic Park, hated it...still the thought of it scares me, so the thought of this film did put me on edge a little. However, I'll be honest I quite enjoyed this film. I see it as now I'm a little more matured I know that dinosaurs aren't real and can't hurt me, though I was slightly laughed at as I sat on edge and fidgeting for most of the film. I probably wasn't the best idea to watch this film in 3D or iSense screening, bigger screen, louder sound and things jumping out at me just wasn't a good combination. So the story, Jurassic World follow two young boys who go to the park to visit their aunt who runs the place. Typically something goes wrong and suddenly their most dangerous new dinosaur is on the loose & everyone goes into mad panic. I don't want to say much else for the film as it's still in the cinemas and is still proving quite popular. 

I was surprised myself that I've already watched this film. Thankfully, as staff we were able to watch this film the night before it's release. But sadly I was disappointed by this film, I loved Despicable Me and I had high hopes for Minions. It takes us back to where the minions started, in the 70's on a hunt for a new leader, which is where Scarlett Overkill comes in but she isn't what she seems. She wants to become ruler of England and steal the Queens crown and send the minions on her mission. Bob becomes King and then Scarlett become Queen, and then it just kind of lost me. I know, I know. It's a kids film what did I expect, but I just felt the plot was lacking something, this whole film seemed to move quickly and before you knew it the film was over.

In the next coming month theres only a few films I want to watch, The Longest Ride is a film I still need to watch. And Magic Mike, Amy, Inside Out and a few others which I want to see during July. 
I hope you enjoyed today's post and you'd like to see more of these in the future? 

Which films are you looking forward to watching? 



  1. I really want to see Mr Holmes, I just haven't got round to going. My mum took my nephew and niece to see Minions last week and loved it, so jealous I couldn't go.

    Sarah | <3

    1. Mr Holmes was so much better than I expected, and Minions I wish I liked it more than I did!!

      Sarah xo

  2. I love the photos on this post! I really want to see Jurassic World, I've heard so much about it, but I really hate going to the cinema, I don't really know why I just think it's a lot of faff, so I'll probably wait until it comes out on DVD haha

    Eden x / edenroses

    1. Thank you so much!!
      I don't blame you, I only watch films in the cinema lately because of working there...I went a few years without going to the cinema because I got too nervous being around so many people in a dark space!!

      Sarah xo

  3. I saw Magic Mike XXL a few days ago, you're gonna love it! It's alot better than the first one and i kind of want to go and watch it again! :)

    Emma | Emma Louise Loves Beauty

    1. Oh yes I LOVED it!! A few days after this post I think I ended up watching it after a shift, was so so good! I'm in love with Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer a little more now haha

      Sarah xo

  4. Mr Holmes is on my list to see and Inside Out when that finally comes to the big screen! Can't wait for that one!

    Loved Jurassic World, it wasn't anything like the first one and some bits and bobs about it really annoyed me but on the whole, I enjoyed it, I swear, I could be staring at a paper bag for 2 hours but if John Williams played a score I would be totally engrossed in that paper bag!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. I hope you got to see Mr Holmes, it didn't last long in our cinema!! Oh I'm so excited for Inside Out, only a few days to wait now!!
      haha, I do need to concur my fears and watch the first Jurassic films because I've put too scared these last few years haha

      Sarah xo

  5. I want to see Spy and Jurassic world so bad they look soo good. I felt the same about minions. I got bored half way through and was just waiting for it to finish. I need to see Inside out soon. It looks amazing
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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