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LIFESTYLE || Project Life: Catch Up. 

Happy Sunday my lovelies,

When I first began my project life at the beginning of the year I made a deal with myself, I would photography everything, fill up my album and have posts on a monthly basis to share online the things I've gotten up to and my progress with my scrapbook. I know this may not be to everybody's taste and you'll possibly be bored after the first few updates but I hope that isn't the case & it's as enjoyable to read as it will be for me to write. I have previous months linked above, however I missed  April from this post as I was on a blogging break at the time & this post would be WAY too photo heavy that even I wouldn't like.

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I spent the beginning of May spending time with my best friend before she left for Germany for 3 years. She's only been gone a couple months and I miss her so much, though the thought of going to surprise visit her does sound like something I'd love to do soon! Tom and myself watched Avengers on the first of May, and I probably spent plenty of time in bed watching Netflix (hence the bedroom photo).

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Since starting work in a bar, weekends aren't for being sociable. Weekends are for working and sleeping, so weekdays have since last October become my weekends...something a little weird to happen since I'm no longer a student. One of the gorgeous girls from the nightclub celebrated her birthday and we all got together, got drunk and danced (drunk slut drops were involved), I wouldn't mind every Monday night being celebrated the same way.

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NOW, this was a looooong time coming. Possible 10 years coming, yep definitely! I finally got to re-live my childhood dream of S CLUB 7. I saw them once for my birthday back in 2001(?), the day they split I prayed and hoped for a reunion to happen and my heart was filled with joy the moment I heard the news. I was awake at 8am back in October last year to purchase tickets and the longest wait until May. They were INCREDIBLE, I know a few other bloggers went to see their performances and possibly felt the same way as me. They re-vamped all of their songs, some I didn't love and others were PERFECT. The band had all improved since their last performance (children in need 2014?), dancing was stronger and their voices too! So obviously through my PL I wanted to share my experience in my album, choose the best photos and filling up two pages ( a few cheeky selfie snaps had to be included too).

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Remember said friend who was moving to Germany? We had a final few days left together and what better way to celebrate things than going to Drayton Manor.  Being the photo-obsessed friend that I am, and Charlotte loving a good snap or two we pitched together £20 & purchases photo passes for the day. All you needed was a the digital download card & the number of the photo, where you gain the digital download (duh) and a hard copy, I choose a keyring & a framed photo. We choose carefully with our photos and opted for these prints. The same day was quiz night at work, most staff joined together on the evening, alcohol at the ready and teams already chosen. To our amazement my team WON, so obviously team photographs from the day and us as a group using a winnings (FREE nandos meal, whoop!).

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May was rather quiet at one job and super busy at the other, thankfully for a few days I had some time off from both and decided to treat myself. Me and Tom took ourselves back to the place of a first date (which was three years ago, WOAH), got a little competitive at bowling and in the arcades, before heading home to cook ourselves some lunch and tuck into a whole pack of Krispy Kreme donuts, yum! Another trip to the cinema with a friend to see Pitch Perfect 2 and I also got my eyebrows done at Benefit..I popped this in simply as it was part of my pampering weekend & I hadn't had my brows waxed until that day. Around the same week I also reach 1000 followers on my blog (!!!) Which was a goal I set myself back when I first started this blog and I'm still in shock and completely over the moon that 1000+ want to follow what I write about (so THANKS again).

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Noticed how I kept mentioning a hectic weekend? Let me give you a little back story, I work at a gay bar in the middle of Birmingham. May 2015 was the date of BIRMINGHAM PRIDE!? I'd worked with this club for 3 prides now, however this was the first year I'd really been part of the team (family). So again, photo-obsessed, I decided I wanted the capture the weekend. Which mean lots of saved snapchats & other photos and I collected them all together to include in my scrapbook. This definitely was my favourite Pride of the 3 I've worked. I also took too many photos of my hair because it was multi-coloured and I LOVED how it turned out!!

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A week after our busy weekend and everyone working practically 48 hours straight, we took to our usual Monday meeting place and celebrated the only way we know how! I honestly met the best group of people through working and throughly enjoy spending time with them. I don't remember much from this night, other than feeling extremely hungover by the morning and having work only a few hours later, ouch! When creating this page, I wanted to add as many photos as possibly but also space to write a little about what happened & I had some cute overlays which I think are perfectly fitting to the occasion. I spent the last couple of days in May just being lazy and recovering from such a busy month. Me and Tom sat down and created a BUCKET LIST of the things we've both always dreamed of doing and things we'd love to do together, so I wanted to add a photo from that night & a few items from our list. I also spent an evening getting slightly drunk with one of my oldest friends and it was pretty much PERFECT!?

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June feels even further away than May does, it was LAST month, WHAT!! So last month saw me practically in bed for a week with cold and flu, but I still managed to get a few exciting things done in between. I spent a few hours out with my friends, having a few drinks in the sun and working on my tan if I'm quiet honest. Cold and flu tablet and alcohol aren't a good combination btw (haha). Me and Tom also spend a day together, did a bit of shopping and then took a trip to the cinema to watch Spy, sometimes simple days like this make me the happiest, also the film was hilarious!! Since working at the cinema I'm loving keeping a collection of my tickets and including them all into my scrapbook as a little keepsake.

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This is possibly my favourite project life page to date. I've loved some of the layouts I've created but something about the layering with photos, cards, embellishments and including my train tickets and polaroid picture from the day. You may have read my post, here. But back in June I met up with my FABULOUS girls and met many others. I just have so much love for these ladies and so glad I'm happy with my page layout too! So have a mid post plug, if you aren't already please give these beauties a follow; sian, charli, emma, emma, hannah & eff. 

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Okay, Okay. So my last page was my favourite layout but I also have a love for this one too! The zoo is my favourite place, just 20 minutes away from me is DUDLEY ZOO & CASTLE. Something about this place brings back childhood memories and fills me with happiness to see the cute animals. So FINALLY I got to take Tom, camera's all at the ready (polaroid, phone and DSLR) and we took the trip round. I instantly became a little tour guide for the day, taking Tom to the animals which I knew he'd love seeing and getting some successful shots, I'm just so happy with the photographs I got and how I've displayed them. 

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Ah, now remember my little family bubble which is my friends from work. Well in Liverpool last month there was the UK BIG GAY NIGHT OUT, 20 or so staff members climbed onto a coach, alcohol everywhere and (surprisingly enjoyed) a 2 hours journey to Liverpool city centre. I've been to Liverpool before but never for a night out so I was both nervous and excited for this new experience. As you can see from the photos we all have so much fun, well we did until around 2am & the clubs were all still we got back to our alcohol on the coach and made our way back home. I'm just glad I got some happy looking photos to use here before we all sobered up and felt bored. 

And there you have it, I do have a few more pages of June left to complete but as the majority of them were complete I thought it was only time to share what I've been up to during May & June and hopefully inspire those who're thinking about starting a PL. I also can't wait to get my July pages done and share that one too, though July has been rather slow lately. 
Hope you're all well, what're you going to be doing or have done which you'd be adding to your scrapbook? 



  1. I love your PL update posts! I always find it inspiring to look at other people's books and layouts. As I finished uni this year, meaning I had lots of deadlines, I've been a bit behind with my own scrapbook but I'm close to getting caught up now and I'm looking forward to sharing some of my own layouts!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  2. I've wanted to start a Project Life for a couple of years now but just never got round to it. I love reminiscing over memories and looking through old photos - seeing other peoples books gives me the inspiration and motivation to get my butt down to Hobby Craft and get going!

    Sam x

    Simpliste Daily

  3. I love posts like this, how do you print out pictures from your phone? (I'm assuming theyre off your phone I may be completely wrong.
    I don't have many interesting things going on at the moment... I need to start getting back into the swing of things!

    Rosy |

  4. Your PL looks amazing! Love it! xx

  5. I really want to start a Project Life - it looks so much fun and also great for looking back on in the future! How amazing was S Club though?! I loved them!! It looks like you had the best few months and were super busy! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  6. I absolutely love your PL updates. I really want to start a PL scrapbook but they are so pricey! They look amazing though.

    Rachael at


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