CRAFTS || Scrapbooking & Project Life Haul


CRAFTS || Scrapbook & Project Life Haul. 

Hi Gorgeous, 

I hope these posts are boring you too much! but if you haven't noticed blogging and scrapbook seem to be my only hobbies in-between working. So if I'm not taking photos for my blog, photos are being taken of my life for my scrapbook and because of that I want to share with you the bits I've picked up during July, because I just couldn't help myself I kept going spending, oops! I'll be leaving all links to websites, and sharing as much information as possible. But with that, let's just jump straight on in. 

hey little magpie. 
I made this order at the beginning of July, I'd been good with my money last month and just decided BLOW IT, I want some scrapbook supplies (like I wasn't purchasing bits every time I went out, shh). Luckily all the items I picked up during this spending spree were on sale, so for a craft order this felt reasonably prices at £18. While I've got all the cards and my photos mainly fill up my scrapbook, I feel like I'm lacking with embellishments. So that's exactly what I searched for and I just fell in love with each pack I picked up. I've completely fallen in love with the INSPIRE card kits online and wish, wish, wish I had the core kit to complete my scrapbook. Fingers crossed for 2016. However I picked up 45 embellishments from the same kit. I also found these adorable cut outs again with 45 pieces from PINK PAISLEE and just without any thought clicked added to basket. Because two sets of embellishments weren't enough, I then grabbed these MAMBI STICKS, which I thought worked perfectly as my original theme of my scrapbook involved lots of black and white. And I bet you didn't notice the little beads at the bottom of the photo, I'd been scrolling the sale pages for agessss and amongst the last few pages were some beautiful colours of these pearls. I picked up the baby blue and grey colours. A set of 100 will work perfectly to add some detailing to my photographs.

hobby craft. 
I shouldn't be allowed to step foot into hobby craft. We have to travel quiet a distance for my closest hobby craft and I HATE leaving empty handed. Sadly in the scrapbook department I find there to be very little I like. Thankfully the stores are beginning to have more and more AMERICAN CRAFTS enter the stores. Luckily I found a few pieces I'd been eyeing up for a while. The first thing that I picked up was the Dear Lizzy HEART LETTERS I love anything that can make my pages a little more appealing & something about creating words looks really cute so I picked up this pack and for 140 I couldn't say no! Though I'll never want to use them they're so pretty!! In the same brand I picked up some MORE embellishments, and yes another 45. I'm like the biggest child, and I found this pack of ENCHANTED stickers, I thought they'd be perfect to use, especially as we've just booked our holiday to DISNEYLAND!!! In the wedding section I found some CONFETTI and just thought it would look adorable in my book. And finally some bits and bobs from the sale section, I picked up some stamps for 50p and a block of alphabet letters...I'm not entirely sure I'll ever use these bits but it's worth having them in my collection.

And finally I purchased a few sets of cards online. Sadly I can't link these as I purchased 2 separate sets from ladies through facebook. Thankfully because of these two purchases I now have almost 300 cards from the INSPIRE kit which I'm in LOVE with. Previous times before this I've picked up a variety of different sets and I feel so lucky to have such a wide selection I can choose from when creating my pages. 

I enjoy writing these posts so much, so much so I held off from using these products until I took the photos. Sadly I'm now a month behind on my scrapbook, so before my holiday and in-between shifts at work I may try my hardest to get July finished and August started. 
I hope you're enjoying these posts and if you're interested in more please let me know. 



  1. I am starting a scrapbook of photos of me from a baby up until now so i am also buying all little bits like this and spending a fortune! haha x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. I agree that Hobby Craft doesn't always have the best scrapbooking selection, but you still picked up some lovely little bits! This post was total scrapbook porn and I loved it! :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  3. You have bought the CUTEST little additions to add to your scrap book collection : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. I love everything! I currently use these sort of things for card making as well =]

  5. Love everything you got. Whenever I buy more PL stuff all the cute bits like this are out of stock! :( Love the cards you got, so pretty! xx

  6. These are so cute! I love the idea of having a scrapbook but I've just never got around to it! Maybe one day...

  7. Lovely stuff you've got here. I've always wanted to do a scrapbook, but I never seem to be able to stick at it :')

    Hayley |*|


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