LIFESTYLE || Monthly Movie Review; July.


LIFESTYLE || Monthly Movie Review: July 

Oh boy, oh boy. July really did flash by in a blink of an eye. Seriously, no idea where this month has gone. Working and sleeping have been my main activities this month and simply popping to the cinema has been a struggle...but sometimes you don't fancy staying at the place you've spent 8 hours at already. So my film reviews will be short and sweet today.

Ted 2. 
The thing I love the most about my job, the spur of the moment decision to watch films. Myself and Tom had decided to pop out for some lunch one Wednesday afternoon and then decided to take a trip to the cinema and watch TED 2. It was the opening day and luckily the cinema wasn't too busy. I liked Ted, I just didn't LOVE Ted. With that I mean both film. I enjoy the comedy once and just can't enjoy them again, some jokes just aren't that funny and dry humour isn't always something I laugh at. I still recommend watching this as it's been a popular hit, I just think many of you would possibly feel the same way as me. Thankfully I really love Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried and enjoyed these two as a duo on my screen. 

 Magic Mike XXL.
Another spur of the moment cinema trip was this one. So as I said you don't always fancy going to your work place after a long shift. This trip, I finished a long trip and one of my friends from work ordered us pizza and met me so we could watch a film...Sometimes a break from home is needed and we both needed it. So filled with pizza and some extra snack we watched Magic Mike at 11pm one Friday night. Now I've been in LOVE with Channing Tatum for years, since I saw him in Step up when I was 13/14? So I don't care have cringey the idea of Magic Mike sounds, I'm going to watch it. I've also recently fallen in love with Matt Bomer through White Collar and knowing he was in this film made me 10x more excited. So the first Magic Mike just didn't fell like anything special (though I love it for Tatum & Alex Pettyfer), this second film just was AWESOME!!! The dancing was better, there was more of a story line and people weren't awkward at acting. Overall for anyone who loves a little dance and some pretty boys, Magic Mike XXL is that film (it also had great comedy elements, so points for that)!

Ant Man.  
Over the years I've become such a fan girl for Marvel. Where I love myself a romantic story, something about the Marvel films I'll always find enjoyable. The main character Ant Man, is played by Paul Rudd, who I can't stop calling Mike Hannigan...or Crap Bag for those Friends fanatics like me. He originally being the main reason for wanting to watch this film, 'ah it'll be hilarious I LOVE Paul Rudd' and many people associating this film similar to Guardians of the Galaxy. Personally didn't see the similarities, I found it comical but not like I thought I would. Scott (Paul Rudd) is given a suit that makes him the size of an ant and trained by Father/Daughter duo to use this suit for good and save the world from a bad guy. Very predictable for Marvel films but I loved the Ant element, just something different to many action films. 



  1. I didn't really like the 2nd Magic Mike :'(!!!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. I havnt seen the 1st Magic Mike but I did go see the 2nd and I was crying with laughter! There was no way I could take it seriously but I think that was the point! I did question if I was watching a Brokeback Mountain sequal at times though haha!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. Was XXL better than the original? The plot line was pretty weak but Channing's dancing made up for it haha.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  4. All three of those movies sound fun to watch. I love humour and watching good dancing - Even though I prefer movies starring and about women I would probably still enjoy all three.

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