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|| desert boots || suede ankle boots || heeled buckle boots || 
|| faux snake boots || doc marten originals || 

I was hoping to publish a few more Disney Wishlists than I have done, however it's under 7 days until we hope on the plane and make our way to Paris & I've never been more excited. All the disney clothes are packed in my suitcase already, all my cosy jumpers and everything else is slowly finding it's place, but I realised I don't have many, if any pairs of boots to take with me. Sensible boots that is, I owe two pairs of Dc Marten boots but realistically would prefer maybe one more pair. I've noticed throughout this Autumn/Winter season the love for ankle boots. i've not picked up a stylish pair of boots for over a year now, so I got my online shopping head on & decided to create this wish-list too.

For this I decided to combine my search with a few different style, sticking to the same colour of BLACK...I just can't seem to decide on which style I prefer, either the sophisticated knee length boots or the simple yet stylish ankle boots, so all opinions are welcomed in the comments. Personally at the moment I'm immediately drawn towards boots with buckles and combined textures. Especially since I'll be in Paris in November the ones with the faux sheep fur inside look like they'll be extra cosy, and those with the chelsea style boot fit look like they'll be practical too. I'm hoping to go shopping tomorrow and pick up a few pairs, I just wish budget would allow for me to pick up a more expensive pair more specifically, these. 

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  1. Really love your picks !!
    It's booooot-time ;-)



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