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Hair Inspiration ft Pinterest. 

It's official, I'm stuck in a hairstyle rut. It's at the awkward stage of growth where it's looking the longest it's been in years but also the messiest too. So what better way to celebrate my growing hair is to cut it all off...seriously, I don't get it either but then again, I never make much sense. 
I've always liked to do some full research before getting my hair cut, for ideas and to show the hairdresser how I want my cut. This time I'm looking at the long bob/lob. I've been very inspired by the lovely Lily Melrose, I find her hair gorgeous. So I took to pinterest to find more inspiration and more ideas and it's decided I want it chopped off. For years I've had layered hair & a fringe cut in, in some way or another. So now my layers have grown out & my fringe has gotten longer too, I think it's time to say goodbye to the mixed length and give my hair that fuller look. 

Now it's just finding the perfect hairdresser in my area and booking an appointment. If you're looking for the same inspiration, I now have a pinterest board FULL of ideas, cuts, styles and colours included, here.



  1. I love this style at the moment, I'm lusting after Sophia Bush's shorter hair but I don't have the cuts to get the chop. xx

  2. Ah, I love these mid-length looks so much! I only wish my hair would sit like that at that length but it's just way too thick, it would stick out about a mile! xxx

    Beth | Alphabeth

  3. Lovely post!Now I have the same hair length as the girl from 4 pics. Love this style

    What makes you beautiful

  4. I had my hair cut like this, it actually need trimming again soon. I would just say go for it, I am so happy I made the decision to cut mine.

  5. Lily's hair is always gorgeous, I love it! All of these styles are really lovely and I reckon you'd suit any of them! Are you thinking of going lighter too? xx

  6. Ah I love all of the Lily's!

    Meg ♡

  7. A lob is without a doubt my favorite hair style.. I cut my own hair and I recently did it, I went from my hair being under my chest to above my shoulders and I love it! 💇🏻 My pinterest 'hair' board is full of these images too! Haha


  8. the brown hair with the fringe i absolutely love, wanna give that a try x


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