Insta-Style #3: Friends & Milkshakes.


Insta-Style #3: Friends & Milkshakes.

Ever have down right shit days and need the comfort of friends to cheer you up. Last week before my hectic work schedule started, I was anxious for the work load ahead and already sleepy, so all in all my mood wasn't great. None of us felt particularly perky, so we decided a late night Mcdonald's trip was in order. Something I feel like I shouldn't be admitting to on my blog, but we like fast food & we're all obsessed with the milkshakes, so no judgments. 

HAT || TOPSHOP (similar)
T-SHIRT || NEW LOOK (similar) 

At this time we weren't officially in the autumn, but the crisp air was arriving and going for a walk in the cold air made me feel about 16 again...I opted for the hat because it's the first thing that I dig out at this time of year (it's also perfect to hide my unruly hair).  I made a pretty big New Look sale order near the end of the summer & picked up some amazing bits for little money, but now that means I'm trying to use these pieces to transition from summer to winter appropriate clothing. That being said, I find this long-line t-shirt to be perfect to wear all year round! Also you may have noticed the jeans AGAIN, yep, they've become that staple item to my wardrobe. I can't help buy grab for these every time I picking my outfit...though my knees are getting a little colder now! Anywho, we took a slow walk down to the closest McDonalds and enjoyed a quick bite to eat and a milkshake (chocolate for me), while we talked about life, gossiped and overall just enjoyed each others friendship. We need more moments like those. 


  1. I have jeans like that from New Look they are so comfy! Love the whole look x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. I love that top!!!

  3. I love that bobble hat! p.s Primark jeans are just the best aren't they?!


    Sade xo


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