Insta-Style #5: Little Foxes


Insta-Style #5: Little Foxes 

First of all want to mention how I'm sad that I've written this post already..and lost the content, so back to square one and a little disappointed it won't be the best post now. With that said, let's get this re-written. I've decided to post these posts regularly on FRIDAYS, so keep an eye out for more posts as I've got a build up of outfits in my drafts. You'll see this blouse again soon in a little haul, I bought it only a few weeks ago now and it's become a staple piece of my wardrobe already. That being said, I've worn this outfit on two separate occasions over the space of two weekend, so I wanted to share what I'd been up to. 
BLOUSE || H & M 
VANS || SCHUH (similar)

When I picked this blouse up, I knew it was going to serve a good purpose into my wardrobe...because it's A) Simple but B) Elegant, pretty perfect really. That being said, a few Saturday's ago I had an evening shift at work, beforehand I was going out with a friend and I wanted something to quickly change out of which didn't require carrying too many items of clothes. I just paired it with my trousers I'd be wearing to work and a pair of trainers, nothing too special. We watched the Martian which was awesome & my shift at work was something indescribable. 
The second time I wore this was last weekend, having my Saturday evenings to myself are few and far between and last Saturday I had a free evening. My friend from college hasn't long moved back home from University, so it was about time we did some catching up. With only half hour to get back from work and back out the house again, this was freshly washed...and I threw it on. This time I pair it with some cut out heeled boots & my new faux fur leather jacket. Which instantly changed it from the simple outfit of the week before, to something more 'presentable' for a evening with old friends. 

I've been picking up so many new pieces lately, which I'm hoping means my wardrobe picks up a little. So I can't wait to continue sharing outfits with you. 


  1. The foxes are just adorable! H&M have some absolutely beautiful bits right now.

    Rachael at

  2. I tried on the playsuit version of this top in H&M last weekend! I much prefer the top though, I may have to copy you and hunt this down hehe x


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