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Favourite Blogs: Making Friends Online.

As I saw this little post of Tumblr I knew I needed to use this as part of a post. How true is this statement though, as teenagers we were always warned about those we speak to online...and we completely ignored it. I've met some of the kindest and down to earth people through my blog and I want to share my love for them on my blog today. So here they are, my favourite blogs and the girls behind them. 

sian marie beauty
Mutually following each other for some time, I began to notice the love Sian used to send on my blog posts, and it gradually turned into conversations through twitter. Whenever either of us needed a chat, usually the other was online and conversations began...thankfully around a year ago, she popped both our names onto a list for a blogging meet up and I was thrilled. And from that day forward she's become a girl I adore and oh I wish she lived closer to me. Thank you Sian for everything! 
charlotte rose
I met this beauty through Sian... and I'm so glad I did. These two come as a duo, our own little double act in a way and I wouldn't have them any other way.  Charlotte has been the friend I've needed for so many years, doesn't take shit and will tell you as it is and Charlotte I take my hat off to you. Thank you for all the times I've needed to hear the truth and you've given it me straight (but stayed the kindest person too). I bloody love this girl and wow, she's stunning! 
effstar beauty
I tell you now, get onto her blog and look at her can come back and thank me later!! This girl has some incredible skills when it comes to la-makeup...If we could all have our own Frankie 5 minutes away from us we'd have amazing makeup EVERYDAY. We met around this time last year and since then I've met up with this girl 3 times and we speak, everyday?! She writes an amazing blog, she's got a bloody great youtube channel and some amazing tattoo's. I think I'm girl crushing right now, yep definitely girl crushing!?

I've never met such a kind hearted girl, Hannah is so sweet! She's always around when you need an uplifting chat and always knows the things to say. I don't know how else to describe this girl, I just want her in my pocket and have a dose of Hannah in my life everyday. Hannah (and the rest of my girls...I hope we can make plans soon because, I MISS YA). I love her blog, I love the mix she's created and she's always writing about a products I've not heard of before, which makes me want it and that means spending money, oops! 

dino's beauty diary
Emma is such a little gem. We didn't meet until earlier this year but since then she's become a big part of my friendship circle. We like the same things, we dislike the same things and theres just so many similarities between us. She deserves all the love and I truly mean that. I also adore her blog, her photos and content is just amazing..I'm also extremely envious of her hair, I wish mine looked so good! Emma come live closer to me so we can do some shopping and have a scrapbooking day together and be those nerd that we know we truly are. 

emmys beauty cave
I'm quiet surprised if your not already following this girl, because shes just amazing! Her blog, photography and content..I just wish I had the same motivation she does. I started following Emma, possibly over a year ago? A few months ago? And we've only recently begun chatting, and I'm telling you now I wish I could get on the next train and meet this beauty. She's currently recovering from major surgery and has a long road to recovery but the day she's all better...she's meeting me. She might not be aware, but it's happening!! She's also a major disney lover (I think anyway) and sharing my excitement for my trip to Disneyland, I thank you for that, I also hope your trip to Disneyland happens soon enough for you)!! 

all things beautiful
Similar to Emma, I've gotten close to Jessie over the last couple of months...again similar to Emma, I can't wait for the chance to meet her. Sadly, the distance is a reason it may be difficult but if I'm ever in Wales...she'll be the first person I try and meet! I adore chatting with Jessie on twitter and I know she's always around to chat too, more importantly when I need a little pick me up (especially during difficult days after work)...I just hope she realises I'm around if she's felling similar stresses?! I find her photography and blog amazing and I take so much inspiration from her. 
griff blog
Sam was the first girl I met through blogging, a little nervous on my first meet up Sam made me feel comfortable straight away & I was always grateful that she let me attached myself to her on that Saturday last summer. We've met only a few times since then but talks of arranging something in Winter has me busting with excitement. Sam is just so wonderful, so gentle and friendly. She also have the most amazing style, I'm so envious! 

And there you have it, let's call it a little love to the same group of friends I've made online. I never imagined to create friendships through this blog but it's exactly what happened. I hope you've all taken the chance to view their blogs, fallen in love and clicked FOLLOW. And if you're already doing so, I hope you can agree how wonderful they truly are. 


  1. Loved reading this! I have to check out all these blogs!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. Aww Sarah I've only just seen that you included me in this post! Thank you so much! It's been way too long since I last saw you so we should definitely plan a shopping trip or something soon :) x

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