Smokey Series #2: That Red Lip Classic Look That You Like.


Smokey Series #2: That Red Lip Classic Look That You Like.

Thanks Taylor Swift for the catchy little title. My original idea for the smokey series, was to share my eyeshadow creations and initially smokey eyes, but in a twist of fate, this is now my series to share my makeup looks. Another short and sweet post from me today, but sometime last week I was getting ready to meet some friends before work. So I wanted a makeup look that would last throughout the whole day and I wouldn't need to worry about touching up and theres where the simple eyeliner flick comes in.

I forget each time how much I love this simple look, while throughout this year I've enjoyed grabbing my palettes and seeing what I can create with my eyeshadows. I'm amazed with the skills I've self-taught and even to see a different to have my makeup looked a year ago, but when I decided to add the cat-flick and a bold red I feel so sophisticated..I might not be in reality, but I feel it and it's such a confidence boost. It's almost perfect for the upcoming winter months it just adds such a classic feel to my overall look. 



  1. Such a pretty look - I loove the red lip!

    Lucy |


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